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Default the essence of the gita - gita saar from swami raghavanand

The spirit is immortal. It does not take birth. Nor does
>>it die.
>>Nobody can kill you. Then why feel worried? Or fear anybody.
>>** * * * *Whatever happened in the past was for the good. Whatever
>>happening now is also for the good. Whatever will happen in the
>>future will
>>be for the good too. Hence do no repent over the past. Do not worry
>>for the
>>future. Just think of the present that is in progress.
>>** * * * *What have you lost for which you wee? What is that you
>>with you but have now lost? What is there that you produced but has
>>perished? You did not bring anything to this world .Whatever you
>>have, you
>>had it only here. Whatever you have taken it is from Him, the
>>Whatever you rendered it was rendered into His. Empty-handed you
>>came and
>>empty-handed you will go. Whatever is yours today was somebody
>>yesterday and will be somebody else's tomorrow. You take delight in
>>illusion that it belongs to you. Also this illusory happiness is at
>>the root
>>of all your suffering.
>>** * * * *Change is the law of Universe. What you deem as death is,
>>reality, life. A moment can turn you into a millionaire; another
>>can reduce
>>you to a pauper. Free your mind from such thoughts as 'this is
>>yours', 'this is great -this petty' and the shackles that hold you
>>will collapse. Then everything will belongs to you and you to
>>** * * * *Neither you belong to the body nor body belongs to you.
>>The body
>>is constituted by the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and
>>After death, it will disintegrate and return to these elements. The
>>however, is eternal and unchangeable. What are you- the soul or the
>>** * * * *Surrender yourself to the will of God. He is the best
>>anchor. He
>>who knows about this anchor gets liberated from fear, anxiety and
>>sorrow for
>>** * * * *Dedicate all your actions to God. It will enable you to
>>the happiness of a truly Liberated One.
>>** * * * * in service of the Divine ,
>>** * * * *Swami Raghavanand

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Default Re: the essence of the gita - gita saar from swami raghavanand

De essentie (de kern) van Bhagavad Gita is, wat Lord Krsna ook zegt:

Laat alle vormen van geloof voor wat ze zijn en geef je slechts aan Mij over.
Ik zal je verlossen van de terugslagen van al je zonden. Vrees niet ( Bh.Gita 18- 66).

Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me.
I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions.? Do not fear (Bh.Gita 18--66)
The essence of The Bhagavad Gita By Lord Sri Krsna Himself.

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