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Default I think they should end this drama

I think its the time they really need to end this serial..its getting hella boring, its like their running out of stories or sumthing...when this drama first started da serial was so good and da storyline would never get boring..but ever since they made saloni act like a 8 year old kid da story just went down hell after that, it never picked up...i stopped watching dis drama longtime ago, it used too be one of my favorites not nemore.. does anyone even watch dis drama, cuz i dont i only watch da last bit of it and seriously da dramas really boring and lame...Nehars dead and da old men and their making taras husband act all metal and shit just da way saloni was...saloni left da drama...when they found out she was goin to quit i think they shouldve just ended it...well whutever i really dont da dramas even gonna be more boring cuz shes not in just waitin to see how their goin to exit her role thats about it...i dont understand why their keep bring da other bitch bak over n over and wit da same storyline revenge geeeeee get over it cum up wit a better storyline
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