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Default KASAM SE 15th sep 08 WRITTEN UPDATE

part 1

pratuesh flirts with ganga saying how beautiful she looks and how hes upset that he has had no time to spend with her whilst all these arrangements go on. ganga says its only a few more days then they'll be together for life.

when ganga leaves he turns to find pronita standing there staring at him with an evil look. he smiles at her and says 'thank god ganga left. did u see? how much acting I am having to do with her? just a few more days then ill make her life hell. just watch..'

pronita raises her finger at him and is about to say something when rishi interrupts saying it is something important and that he needs to talk to prateush if pronita doesnt mind. pronita leaves

rishi tells prateush that he's ganga's friend and he organised this party for him(prateush) but the check he recieved in payment has bounced. prateush acts shocked and ganga enters the scene.

rishi tells ganga why they are talking- saying prateush's check has bounced and prateush goes 'but this has never happened before. how can my check bounce? i am a multi millionare. this is ur dirty trick isnt it? ur trying to tell me i made my check bounce intentionally?'

rishi explains he didnt mean anything. its just that he needs to pay his workers so if the check bounced where will he get the money from. prateush continues to insult him saying 'u low ppl are always looking for ways to humiliate us.but dont worry ill give u the money now' and leaves

ganga shouts at rishi saying he shouldnt have spoken to prateush like that. she send him to apologise.

as rishi goes upstairs he overhears conversation between meera and prateush. meera is shouting at prateush saying 'y the hell did u give him such a big amount cheque in the first place? have u forgotten that i am paying for all your clothes and everything? ur account is NIL.and y did u say ull give him the money now?i brought u ppl here cuz i want ganga out of my life as soon as possible. but u ppl just cant co operate'

rishi decides to go and tell ganga immediately- that her own mother is against him planning a plot to ruin her life. he tells her, but she thinks its another one of his practical jokes and laughs. he tries to explain hes being serious but she doesnt listen and walks off.
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15th, kasam, sep, update, written

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