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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - 8th May 08 written update

Episode starts with showing Amar got shot (yesterday's last bit) and then Sindoora and Chandra comes down stairs and finds everyone sitting inthe living room. so Sindoora asks whts going on there??? then Mauvah replies tht as the marriage got postponed , so we are doing some gift packings....then Sindoora says Ok and sits with them.

Sindoora asks Divya tht is she feeling bad about their marriage postponement but replies No , there is nothing like tht. Sindoora tells tht she want to arrange small party before the marriage and looks at Rajeev , who is deep in thoughts why Sindoora is planning for this party and she is looking happy also ....and wht would be reason for tht .....and there is something fishy .....Sindoora observes Rajeev asks what happened and why is he like that???

Then the door bell rings , Divya tells tht she ordered some medicines and that might be came , so will go and check it but Sindoora stops her saying tht she will see and goes to the door and opens the door and finds Amar standing there at the door-sill. Sindoora gets sooo shocked and gazes at him. Amar than tells her tht what happened to him exactly tht whn he was so tired of waiting for the person, he went to drink somewater and some bullet shot to the "water pot" and he was fainted coz of it. And after getting his consciousness he find tht the person didnt come , so he wanted to return the file to Sindoora ,and came there to their house. Sindoora takes her a bit away from the door and asks him whtz the need of coming to house. He then tells about the money matter , so Sindoora handovers the money to him...

While Mauvah looks at the door and finds no Sindoora , so she asks herself a bit loud tht What Sindoora is doing for tht time.Divya then tells her tht she will go and see whats happening and goes to the door and makes her face a bit shocked....


Divya is sitting in her room thinking ....then Rajeev comes to her and handovers her a wedding card and asks how she likes it?? she replies soo dull which makes Rajeev to tell her tht he will help out her in anyways and he will support her. If she is not at all feeling good to get married thn she can tell him directly , and he wont feel bad about that , even he do follow wht she tells. Then Divya feels soo happy and good about Rajeev.

Divya and Smom are sitting, Smom asks Divya to callup Sagar and ask him to come to do Satyanarayan pooja. Divya nods. Smom then tells her that ,....tht pooja is meant for SV and if Sagar wont come to it, how can it happen and all. Divya thinks about it and tells her tht Sagar will be coming.Smom feels happy.


(i hope this part is not at all required but still as an update . i need to) Sindoora goes to the godown and talks to her goons along with Chandra . and asks the goon . who shot Amar yesterday tht why he missed the opportunity and shouts at him. The goon tells her tht its Amar's luck which saved him and all. she then handovers a gun and asks him to point to her and she will point to him at the same time. whose gun shots first then he/she will die....

the goon shots to himself...but there wont be bullet then Sindoora shots him with the gun in her hands. others goons get terified. Chandra asks Sindoora tht why she did like tht and all ....stuff...

precap:- The goons mixes some powder(poision ...i think) in some food item and handovers it to eat....
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