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Default 15th october 2007 KS written update

of Nishikant her father, with Dhanraj on the wall. She thinks that maybe this house will reveal more of its secrets to her so maybe she should investigate. She comes to a locked room and as she tries to break open the lock she hears a car honking. It's Daksh who is furiously honking and Bani asks him why he's brought her here, and what the relationship is between her father and his father but Daksh looks distressed and is unable to answer her and Bani realizes that he's in no condition to answer her questions. Only Dhanraj will have the answers. They come back to the party and Daksh's parents are relieved to see them. Bani tells Shalini to take Daksh but Daksh holds on to Bani's hand and refuses to let go. Bani unclasps his hand and tells him to go as she has important work with his father. As he leaves Dhanraj apologises for making her late for her anniversary celebrations. Bani asks him if he knew her father but Dhanraj outright denies knowing her father. Someone comes to speak to him and Dhanraj uses the opportunity to move away. Bani is curious as to why he is lying and thinks of the entire sequence of events, beginning with the tattoo, the kangan, the haveli and guesses that something is being kept from her. She suddenly remembers Jai and that she was to meet him at 10, and its 12 now. She leaves and Shalini asks Dhanraj what the matter was and Dhanraj tells her that Bani has got to know too much, and has seen the pic of him with ND. Outside as Bani is getting into the car a woman dressed in ethnic Rajasthani clothes sees her and is shocked. Bani leaves. Dhanraj and Shalini come out and are shocked to see the woman . On asking why she has come she says that she's come to bless Purva, and she guesses that Dhanraj and Shalini have hidden the truth from Bani and are using her to get Daksh cured. She tells them that she is as concerned for Daksh as they are, as she was his dai ,but that does not mean ruining Bani's life to help him recover. Dhanraj warns her to keep her mouth shut, and not to forget her responsibility for Daksh's present condition. She repeats that they are cheating Bani, and Dhanraj loses his cool and gets her thrown out. As she stands outside she says that she cannot take the burden of any more guilt and she will tell Bani the truth.

Jai, poor soul, is still waiting for his wife and is surprised to see one of his shareholders. JW tells him that he's waiting for his wife but the man promises to take only 5 minutes of his time. Jai had sold shares and organized money to get the man's daughter married. The man thanks Jai for his efforts but says that b'coz he had fallen on hard times his wife had left him. A women's true nature is revealed in a crisis and usually the lack of money leads to the woman leaving the man she had promised to stand by. He tells Jai that money, or the lack of it affects love and returns the money that Jai had given him. Jai looks disturbed and then Jigz arrives, all fake smiles ,cooing Happy Anniversary. She pretends to be surprised that Bani is not there and tells him to pay heed to the man's words, after all he spoke of a grim reality. As long as money , power, status is there, everyone is with you, once all is lost everyone deserts you. Bani is helping Daksh with your consent but she's getting too involved and Daksh being young is not helping matters, once he's well ,Bani will continue to be close to him and this is a risk Jai with his advancing years should not take. She points out that he's put in so much of effort into the arrangements, they're together on their anniversary after so many years yet Bani is nowhere to be seen, Just then Bani arrives and Jai erupts in fury telling her that she's kept him waiting for over two hours. Bani is carrying some flowers and they fall from her hands. Jaigz is thrilled to see Jai yell at Bani and leaves mighty content.

Jai begins laughing and apologises to Bani for frightening her, since she made him wait for so long, he felt he could get his own back by yelling at her for fun. He asks her how she thought that he could ever get angry with her. The song 'Ajab Si' from OSO plays and there's a flashback of quite a few JB moments. JB keep looking at each other and smiling.( Found it quite strange that JW didn't ask her how she got hurt). Song was very apt and a nice change.

At WM all the JB campers, Dadi, Maasi, Rano and Raashi have organized a cake for JB and Dadi is impatient to taste it. Maasi teases her that she'll have to wait till the happy couple return. Jigz lands up and smiling evilly asks why they are all so happy coz after today no one will speak of JB in the same breath, Jai will revert to his khadoos avtaar , the Jai walia, Jigz brother and Bani will be mousy Bani Dixit. Dadi tells her to shut up but Jigz tells her not to worry, the cake will not be wasted. She stabs the knife through the cake and is gleefully going to eat it whrn she sees a smiling JB enter. Everyone is happy to see them and Rano rushes to hug Bani. Jai walks to Jigs and tells her that when her marriage broke up he prayed for her becoz she was his sister but now he realizes that it was never Adi's fault, always hers. Inspite of everything he wishes that God will bless her. Jigz thinks to herself that Jai's words although meant to make her feel small. seem like an attempt to convince himself.

Outside the rustic woman is standing outside WM and telling herself that she must tell Bani the truth and stop her on the route to destruction. Episode ends.


PS- on one point I agree with Jigz, even I want to see the khadoos, arrogant JW back.
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15th, 2007, october, update, written

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