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Default Written Update 15 Oct

*Finally they all got to change those clothes they had for like two weeks!!!

-Scene starts with where Suhani is talking to Mahi in the hospital. T/T

from afar are watching and decide that Suhani is the cause of Mahi's

distress and they will teach her a lesson in good time their own way (abt

time somebody does-that should be fun watching). Meanwhile Shabd

asks T/T abt going home.

-Outside Shabd meets up w/Jeet and asks why he is acting so distant and

the way he is. Shabd tells him Veer mentioned how recently he had

changed and it may be some pyar ka chakkar. Jeet tells him now he

realizes that it is all ultimately about destiny-two people can come close

and become distant and others can be brought together and yet still

seem distant-how Shabd is lucky in that sense. Shabd listens on and

then Jeet walks off.

-T/T come there and Shabd if he had to wait long and they leave.

-Durga is sitting by Veer's bedside and wondering aloud where Soni is.

Veer tells her the house is a bit afar so it is bound to take a while. Just

then Durga notices Soni walking in and tells Veer she will check where

Soni is held up and come.

-Durga stops Soni at the door-Lovely and Mr. K try to come to Soni's

rescue but to no avail. They tell Durga afterall Soni is Veer's wife and

they too want to spend time together. Lovely tells Durga it is because of

Soni that Veer is well and if she spends more time with him it will do Veer

good. Durga as usual rants about how they have all forgotten Veer's

current condition is thanks to Soni only. She takes the cooler and storms


-Mr. K is about to stop her but Soni stops him-she tells him she knows

what a mother's love is and what it is capable of. She knows because her

mother is not with her.

-Inside Durga is wiping off Veer's mouth and giving him water. She tells

him how he has gotten better with home-cooked food and once they

are home she will feed him aloo parathas and he will be haata kaata again

(Veer looks pretty haata kaata to me as it is).

-Mahi comes and meets Kamya who asks abt Veer's well-being. Kamya

tells her she missed meeting Mahi. T/T also come and tell the girls now

they should thank maatadi for all working out well in the end. They ask

Kamya to come out and eat prasad with the rest of the family. She asks

how she can come out where everyone is. She throws a fit. Mahi tells her

it is her choice-she can come if it she feels up to it. They all go outside-

Kamya sits thinking.

-All are in Veer's hospital room (except Soni---why doesn't he ask abt

her???). The doc tells him he is perfectly fine to go home but just to make

sure he takes his medicines on time (what is Soni for?). All are happy that

Veer can finally go home-Soni is watching from outside. Lovely says why

the wait now and to take Veer home right away. Soni is coming in the

room just as Veer is getting up from the bed and cringes in pain. She

yells 'Veer ek minute' and he looks up towards her. Durga as always

interjects and stops her and tells Jeet to help Veer who goes and helps

support him-Veer looks towards Soni. Durga tells Soni to go home and

to make sure everything is ready for Veer at home. Soni leaves slowly-

hesitating all the while gazing at Veer who also is gazing back.

-T/T come and tell Mahi they should all have prasad now...all of them

including Suhani. Mahi is a little shocked-surprised to hear that last

name and she says she will be right back and goes. (T/T are up to some

maaza-masti now).

-Soni runs to open the house door as they have brought Veer home. Soni

smiles (happy and relieved) to see him home and asks them to wait just

one minute. Durga taunts her saying Veer doesn't need a mauhrat to

enter his own house. Veer all the while is looking at Soni. Soni tells

Durga just one minute and runs and brings the arti ki thali. She does

Veer ki arti and puts a tikka on his head as Veer looks on at her (the usual

loving gaze) while Jeet and Durga look on disgusted. Durga taunts her

again saying her son can't stand this long in Soni's arti chakkar. Soni tells

Veer to come in and see who is waiting for him.

-Veer looks and sees it is his officer boss sitting waiting for him. All are

surprised. Jeet tells Veer to come but Veer lets go of Jeet and walks up to

the officer on his own. Veer salutes his boss-who tells Veer that the

bravery he showed for tackling the terrorist is very commendable. He

then tells Veer he will now receive his uniform back with full honor. Veer

who is speechless receives his uniform back (as the family all look on-

thankful and happy). Veer reflects back in his mind on when he lost the

uniform and what not. He then thanks his boss for returning the uniform.

He tells the boss that he had vowed to free Raji's family of the accusation

and he had promised to do so at any cost. And he finally has-Soni's

family is no longer hidden behind that false accusation. Veer tells his

boss he will introduce him to that special person who has given him a

new life and life's greatest happiness. He holds his hand out towards

where Durga is standing and behind Durga is Soni. He says and that

person is (Durga looks on happy-thinking it is her) my wife Soni. Veer

looks on lovingly at Soni who also is surprised and gazing back. Durga-

well u can imagine her expression.

***Last scene was really very nice!!!
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oct, update, written

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