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Default saat phere - 5th feb written update

Todays episode was a treat! so much happened in so little time. that's why i will suggest you guys to make sure you watch this episode.


At the railway station

Nahar points gun at Saloni..

Saloni says “ you…you are the raj kumar.. but you are very bad.”

Nahar is confused…he asks Sal , “ Stop all this… where is Neel…where did you hide him?”

Neel comes there just then…and tries to take gun away from Nahar… Nahar bashes Neel up.

Nahar says that Neel cannot escape from him today…

Saloni is stunned…watching Neel and Nahar fight. She claps for her Raj Kumar.

Nahar is not able to understand…Saloni’s behaviour.

One of the passenger who is watching all this drama calls Saloni a paagal.

But Nahar feels that Neel n Saloni together are doing all this drama.

He again points the gun at Saloni.

Neel: “If you want to kill you wife and your kid…go ahead in kill her”

Nahar is shocked to hear this… he says he cannot believe that as Saloni has killed her baby long back. He feels that Neel is lying. And he is going to attack him once again.. but Saloni comes there and covers Neel and says.. “ You cant beat my friend Neerav…you are such a bad boy.”

Meanwhile Nishi comes there and tells Nahar that whatever Neel is telling about Saloni is the truth… She says that Sal is pregnant.

Nahar is ultra confused… he wonders how can that be possible when Saloni herself told him that she killed their baby.

Neel says he doesn’t know anything about why she lied…and why Nahar hates Saloni so much…

Nishi tells him that they found her from an accident.

Nahar is devastated to hear all this… he curses himself for not trusting Saloni..

Saloni is keenly watching all this…but not understanding any of that what’s happening there. She suddenly turns from them… and starts running away from the railway station.

Nahar and Neel run behind her…

She slips from the steps and falls down.

At the hospital

Saloni is taken to the hospital. Nahar requests to save Saloni and his baby.

But Nishi tells him that she wont be able to say anything about saving the baby… she says that its difficult for the baby to survive in such conditions.

But she promises him that she will do everything to save Saloni as well as her baby.

Nahar asks Neel what exactly happened.. and how and when Neel met Saloni.

Neel tells him everything from the beginning. How he met her as Nishi’s patient.. he tells him about her being in coma, and finally coming out of it…but in the process losing her memory.

Nahar is wondering about only one thing… why Sal lied about her pregnancy and what can be the reason behind it.

He feels very guilty for attacking Neel without knowing the facts.

He says, “ even though I love Saloni so much… I couldn’t trust her.. I blame myself for not understanding…how come I couldn’t think that there must be some big majboori behind Saloni’s actions… how come I couldn’t understand!”

Nahar feels so miserable…. thinking about the past…

Nishi parents n Neel try to give him some moral support.

Saloni is unconscious…and breathing thru oxygen mask. Nishi chks the baby .

Nishi comes out informs Nahar that Saloni is stable….but the condition of the baby is still critical.

Nahar starts crying hearing this…

Whole night all of them sit and wait for Saloni to regain her consciousness.

Morning… Nishi’s mom asks Nahar to go home and relax for sometime.

Nahar is not in a mood to go anywhere leaving Saloni and the baby.

He starts praying the God…

Nishi finally comes out of Saloni’s room and informs Nahar that Saloni is awake… and both mother and kid are in good condition.

Nahar is so happy hearing this news.

They all go inside the room to see Saloni.

Saloni wakes up and looks at Nahar… and says why he was there… and again calls him a bad boy.

And asks Neel.. “why you told me that only achchayi ever wins… if that is the truth then why this Raj Kumar won the fight with you…ask him to go away”

Neel “ Saloni…now Raj kumar has become good friends with me… we no longer are fighting…”

Saloni then asks Nahar to say sorry to Neel, and he obliges.

Saloni suddenly realizes that she is in the hospital… she gets panic… and asks Nishi why she was brought to hospital.

Nishi tells her that she is there for small check up… and she is ok to go home immediately.”

At Brig’s house

Nahar puts Saloni in the bed.

All others assemble in the drawing hall.

Nahar is still bothered about the fact why Saloni lied about the baby… what can be the reason behind it.

Neel says that …even he couldn’t understand it… but he feels that there must be a really very big reason if Saloni lied about it. There must be some very big musibat.

Nahar too feels the same… but they feel helpless that Saloni is not in a position to enlighten them regarding this mystery.

Nahar feel;s that he should call up his home and inform about Saloni and the baby.

But, Neel stops him by saying that which is not advisable under the circumstances. He says , “we don’t know who is behind all this…and donno any reasons behind Saloni’s lie… so we must not tell anyone about Saloni yet. If this comes out it can be dangerous to Saloni’s life itself …so we will not tell anybody about her…not yet…”

Nahar too agrees to it…


Brig calls up Singh parivar… Jijji picks up the phone. He requests her for Veer… He tells her that he would like give some news about Nahar’s wife Saloni.

Jijji is shocked….

Nahar is watching all this with a worried expression.

Credit: Pams
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