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Default Written Update: 29th Nov 07

Aditi finds out saloni is pregnent as dictor tells her your freind is preg. and she needs to take care of herself. aditi is thinking why saloni lied.

Saloni wakes up and looks around and gets phone call from the man whose phone jiji used once. he syas your sis (saloni had lied to man that jiji was his sister) is back here to get her luggage. saloni picks up the phone and runs out.

Aditi comes in the room and see saloni missing she too walks out and sees sal sitting in the cab.she then folllows her.

saloni reaches at jiji's house and tells her she did everything jiji asked her now she is here to get Brijesh's child. jji says I am not gving a child and you found me. saloni says I would have found you in hell even if I had too and I am not leaving without child. jiji refuses and sees adit standing there who has heard everything.

she goes to jiji and says how could you stoop this low and try to hit her. jiji says stop don't you dare. Aditi says couldn't you even spare Tara? give me a child. Jiji says I am not giving a child . it is not brijesh's it is my child. I kept him 9 months in my tummy.

Aditi asks saloni to leave and handle jiji with the family. saloni begs her to go alone and let her talk to jiji. Aditi says no. She can't hurt a child don't worry come with me. after they leave jiji says to shibu that sal will keep her promise and won't reveal anything. but aditi won't do that so we need to take care of aditi. she should not reach them.

They go to temple where Saloni tells her how it began. saloni was walking after getting her pregnancy report in the hospital very happy and jiji runs in to her. Report falls from Sal's hand. Jiji picks it up and says oh you are giving heir too singh family. that won't happen . you have to abort your child. the only person will give heir to the family is me. sal agrees. then she does what jiji wants and hurt every one including Naahar, but she lies to jiji about having abortion like she lied to the family and keeps the baby.

Aditi begs for forgiveness so many times and wipes Sal's tears telling her not to worry and cry and go home and tell everyone as she has suffered enough from everyone while she was sacrificing everything for bhaisa 's son.. Sal says no jiji will harm child. adit assures her not to worry and be happy.

They walk out and sit in the car as aditi drives away shibu comes out from under the car with wires and break lining. Shibu has cut the wires and lining. as they go further . aditi finds out breaks are failed and not applying. she tries to avoid collision with other cars and runs into the side of the road and car is going down further and furhter into hilly area and explodes ( the whole situation is pretty much copy from my prem kahani last episode written few weeks ago.)

preview: Brijesh dheer and Nahar runs into hospital and goes to morgue and looks at dead body shocked.
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29th, nov, update, written

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