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Default 26th Oct Update - 3rd vachan broken

26th Oct Update-3rd vachan broken

Brijesh living room

Saloni remarks to Brijesh that this is my money which u feel is earned by wrong means and consider a sin so aren’t you ashamed of touching it? Nahar screams and tells Saloni to control her words. Tara says she will answer this and takes the money from Brijesh, and tells Saloni that it was our mistake that we tried to do charity with ur money and I swear my husband and I will never touch your money ever. And she blows up the money over her. Tara tells Rohit that no one has gone empty handed from their house and today too no one will go. She takes off her bangles & gives him to sell them to get his mother operated. Saloni leaves. BT also go.

Brijesh Room

Brijesh and Tara are upset when Nahar comes and says he is sorry for just then Brijesh interrupts saying how long can u seek forgiveness for Saloni’s wrongdoings. It seems we are not capable of forgiving and the dreams of this house are falling apart. But I still believe Saloni will realize her mistakes. At this Tara says you are nurturing false hope and Saloni will never realize her mistakes. Brijesh says I have complete trust she will. Saloni is my pride and remember we were all proud of her once. The darkness from her life will go away and light will come which will make Saloni see the right path. Nahar says hope its not too late till then. Bhabho comes and says no it wont be since Mataji Maharaj has saved her till now and will protect us. She tells Nahar to go to Saloni so she doesn’t feel left out.

Saloni Room

Saloni is pondering she has broken the 2nd vachan of SP of involving in social and economic activities. Nahar comes and ask her what has happened to her and he cannot believe that its only becoz of success that she is rude and mean. He cannot tolerate the insults anymore. She can insult him he promises not to complain but he cant tolerate his family being humiliated. Saloni replies you can tolerate my insult and if I reply them back its not desirable. MB used to say “Ghutna Ghutne ki taraf hi jhukta hai” this holds true.You feel that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and if a woman steps out of the house and creates her place you people cannot tolerate. But I don’t care you can support your family and she has to leave for a meeting urgently. Nahar is stunned and hurt. Saloni looks back and feels that Nahar is still not angry with her, his eyes still have love for her and he must hate her for her own sake.

Brijesh Living room

Dheer is walking down the stairs and calls up Kaveri to tell her the day's news.

Samar Living room

Kaveri asks him what is the news and Dheer tells her the incident. Kaveri is happy to hear that Saloni insulted Brijesh but comments that Dheer can also be a target. Dheer says he cannot be involved into this.

Kaveri sees Samar coming and tells him to talk to Saloni as she insulted Brijesh. Samar is puzzled & asks how does she know? Kaveri builds a story that she wanted to talk to Saloni and had called but Dheer picked up and informed her abt this incident. Samar calls up Saloni and tells her he wants to talk to her. Saloni who is traveling in a car, tells him she is busy in a meeting and will talk later. Samar is stunned and leaves. Kaveri is glad and says its good that her dreams are coming true and Saloni is destroying her own world.

Kunjan house

Kunjan is playing with Piyush when he picks up the phone. Kaveri asks for Shubra but Kunjan tells her Shubra cannot talk and disconnects.

Kaveri thinks she wanted to inform abt Saloni but it seems another story is taking place with Shubra.


Rohit tells Saloni that he followed her instructions but is doubtful whether it was right becoz of the happenings. Saloni says you are an old employee and feel attached to the fly so you are hurt. But he shd trust her that she is doing this for her fly. Rohit asks how can this help? Saloni tells him its her desire and abide by it. Its her desire to protect the family’s happiness and abide by it to save the fly happiness. She thanks him for his help an d promises in future she will tell him why she did all this.

Saloni Room

Saloni is gloomy when Shibu brings juice and gives a scroll. She reads it that tom is Nahar’s grandfather’s “punya-thithi” for which ‘havan’ is kept and there she has to break the 3rd vachan. In case she has forgotten she shd refer the ‘patrika’. Saloni reads the patrika that 3rd vachan is she will be co-partner in ‘yagya’, ‘vivah’, ‘daan’ and ‘kanyadaan’ like social customs. Saloni gets tearful when Bhabho comes but she composes herself. Bhabho asks her whether she has any recording commitments tom? Since there is havan. Saloni says she doesn’t and will be present for the havan.

Brijesh Living room

Pandit asks Bhabho to do “gaath-jodh” of Brijesh-Tara and then asks for Saloni. Bhabho says she is coming. Dheer-Aditi and Kakisa are seated. As Saloni is coming she sees Shibu staring her.

Saloni sits next to Nahar and Bhabho does the “gaath-jodh”.As the 'havan' is going on Shibu keeps on staring at Saloni from the sides. Saloni is thinking she has to break the 3rd vachan now and her mobile rings. She tells the pandit to be quiet and says she cannot come since there is havan. Next she tells Nahar that she has to go for album contract but Nahar tells her this havan is for his grandfather’s ‘punya thithi’ Saloni firmly replies she has decided and will leave and she opens the “gaath-jodh”. Nahar is furious and stands up.

Next week: Kakisa is exasperatedly says she cannot go to the doc since he will know her eyes are fine. Kaveri replies that’s what she wants her , her goodwill mask shd reveal the true evil face.

It seems Saloni will break the vachans. I presume that since Nahar was furious today he may follow Saloni and know the truth. Just may be only this can make the track interesting otherwise its just unpleasant to watch the proceeds. But Rajshree’s restrained emotions are commendable, a brilliant actress.
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