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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhann 17th september 08 written update

Bharat greets his mom and asks her if she needs something. Sindoora stares from Bharat to Amar who pretends to be confused. Bharat introduces the clients and then goes back to his work, and explaining the situation (looked like he was just doodling).

Later in Sindoora's office Bharat comes and talks about Amar's incompetency. Sindoora questions that Amar really didn't do anything, and Bharat says that this business for sure belongs to Sindoora. She says that she thought, but doesn't complete her thought. Bharat thinks to himself, that the effect is slowly taking place and soon Sindoora will loose sense of dream and reality. That will be their first step of revenge.

Divya in the cab with Aditi questions her about what happened and Aditi makes excuses that she just go scared being in a new place. Divya asks her that if there is something she wishes to tell her, but Aditi says that it was just the idea of being in a strange place. Divya apologizes and comforts Aditit. She says she won't leave her alone again.

Sindoora is in her office and the secretary comes in and brings in some papers and tells her that they are already signed. Sindoora is puzzled and is shocked to see Saagar Pratap Singh signed on it. She wonders what is happening and who is doing this, and thinks that only Amar can do something like that. She says that so Amar remembers and is playing tricks on her. She thinks that it's not that easy to fool Sindoora.

She goes to his office and accuses him, and Amar pretends to be entirely confused. She accuses him of trying to cheat her, and scare her. Amar asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that if he wants revenge he should be affront about it and not do it from behind her back (talk about pot calling kettle black...Sindoora is darker than black). Bharat comes and asks Sindoora what is up, and she tells him that Amar is trying to scare her. Amar smiles but changes his expression when Sindoora turns and asks Sindoora what exactly has he done.

Sindoora drags him, and everyone in the office is surprised. Bharat asks Sindoora to calm down. She throws the file at Amar and says that he signed it Saagar Pratap Singh. Amar looks at the file and returns it to Sindoora and says it is Amar Upadhyay. He is frustrated from all this Saagar talk from Divya and Sindoora. Bharat tells Sindoora that everyone is looking, and she should be calm. He tells the office people to disperse and tells Amar to leave unless he has some work.

Amar smiles at Bharat and leaves, as Sindoora continues to stare at the signature trying to figure it out. Sindoora says that it is possible that Amar changed the file. Bharat says that Amar didn't leave his office. The file is the same. He tells Sindoora to calm down but Sindoora shrugs off a surprised Bharat and looks disturbed,.

Aditi is disturbed thinking about Karan and takes a seat. Bharat shakes her from her thought and she jumps up scared, and on seeing Bharat hugs him tight. Bharat is surprised and asks her if she is alright. She pulls away and apologizes, and says that she got scared. Bharat says that he won't find her here, and not to worry as he is here and till then Karan won't be able to touch her.

Aditi nods and takes her stuff. She walks towards her dresser and notices that her sindoor is filled, and is happy, and remembers hugging Bharat, and his assurance that Karan won't be able to hurt her, and is moved by his concern.

Sindoora comes with Bharat to eat, and Amar greets her as usual, and Divya gives her a dirty look. Sindoora doesn't react at Amar. She sits down and notices that her food is covered. Amar says that he didn't want the food to get cold. Sindoora lifts the plate and yells that there are insect in her food. Bharat says what insects. Amar motions Divya to switch the plates. When Sindoora looks there are no insects and she is disturbed, and leaves the place.

As soon as she is gone Amar, Divya and Bharat smile at each other, and Aditi who sees it is confused wondering why the two faces and the behavior.

Sindoora goes back to her room. There thinking about the events she calls Guruji. She then sneaks out to meet him, and Divya seeing it follows her.

Sindoora asks Guruji about the future, and Guruji says that her future is bleak and that she will soon face her end, but at the end the lives of Divya or Amar one of them will also end. Divya who has been hearing this till now is upset.

Precap: Amar says he is glad that their plan is working, while Divya looks upset.

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