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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - 25th June 08 written update

-Divya gets out of the taxi and comes by the Khandar where Rajeev has called her.

- Samrat stabs Rajeev and tells him how he hates him the most

- Divya is running around everywhere in the Khandar looking for Rajeev.

- Rajeev looks at the blood and falls down. Samrat asks him not to call him his son. He goes on about crap like how Rajeev has never looked at him lovingly like a father. And he blames Rajeev for everything thats happening and throws away the stick like thingy he stabbed Rajeev with. Rajeev holds Samrat's hand and tells him that the reason he did not love him was so that when he meets his real parents he won't be sad about leaving them. Then he tells Samrat how he just wanted to save Amar from Sindoora. Samrat runs away from there.

- Divya is still running around yelling out "Rajeev Uncle" and Rajeev is lying down injured. This was such a waste of time... She ran for god knows how long and they just showed Rajeev stabbed and injured.. ughh

- Sindoora is mad at Chandra cuz she doesn't know where Rajeev went. Sindoora asks about Divya and Chandra says she checked a while back and Divya was sleeping. Sindoora is mad at her and goes to check in her room. They come and check and it seems like Divya is sleeping. Sindoora asks Chandra to give her her next dose of medicine. When she checks, there are just pillows underneath the blanket. She figures that Divya escaped through the window and must have met up with Rajeev.

- Finally Rajeev meets Divya. He tells her not to worry about him. He also tells her Amar is in Meerut. He tells her today is the 26th and isn't it strange that things are being hid from her. They also didn't tell her that her wedding has been postponed. He tells her uske aur Amar ka saath sirf iss janam ka nahi pichhle janam se hai.

Part 2

-Rajeev tells Divya that today's date is important because exactly 22 years back Sagar and Vidya got married on this day. And regardless of anything else, they have to get married today before sunset. He asks Divya to call Amar to the Khandar.

-Amar is on the phone talking to Sindoora and tells him the work is done and he is on his way back. Chandra tells Sindoora that everything will happen according to their fate. Even though Amar was supposed to come back tomorrow, he is coming back today. And we tried to keep an eye on Divya but she escaped. They can still get married. Sindoora is ofcourse furious and tells Chandra, once she finds out where Rajeev took Divya, she will stop the wedding from taking place.

-Samrat walks in and takraofies with Amar's mom, Samrat's real mom..

- Divya gets in touch with Amar and calls him back to Delhi. She tells him to come to the Khandar and also tells him not to tell anyone about it. Its very important that he gets there soon and she is waiting for him.

- Samrat tells Sindoora he stabbed Rajeev. Sindoora asks him where Rajeev was and Samrat tells him about the Khandar. He also mentions phool mala and Sindoora figures Rajeev is gonna get AD married.

Part 3

- Rajeev gives Divya the stuff he got for the wedding and tells her to go meet the Pandit at Shiv Mandir. He blesses her and says hopefully they will not meet the same end as they did in the previous birth and then asks her to leave. After she leaves his shawl comes off and he falls down. I think Rajeev is gonna die for sure.

- Sindoora is talking to some goonlover of hers I am sure and tells them to make sure that Amar does not get back in the city. Wah.. I thought sirf police ki nakabandi ho sakti hai par Sindoora ke raaj mein sab possible hai. Chandra tells Sindoora that the wedding will take place and Sindoora will not be able to stop them.

Precap- Sindoora is telling Rajeev that you may try to get them to wed but no one can beat Sindoora. Yes Sindoora we know you are omnipotent and no one can do anything against your wishes.. HA HA HA (Sindoora rakshashi ki hasi)
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