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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - 1st May 08 written update

Episode starts with Chandra asking Sindoora that if Divya gets all her past then Sindoora tells her tht atleast this rat-cat play will come to an end if its gets all known tht Vidya and Sagar are really back. Then Sindoora, Chandra , Samrat and Divya goes to some hilly area for some hunting. Samrat asks Divya to do hunting first....then she denies saying that she wont like to kill innocent animals and all stuff while Samrat forces her , then Sindoora interrupts saying you and Chandra go for hunting thn me and Divya will go for just a walk. Samrat agrees and goes.

Divya and Sindoora starts walking and Divya ends up going to the place where Sindoora killed Sagar and Vidya. Sindoora who is walking behind Divya remembers how she killed Sagar and Vidya. Then, Divya feels like She knows the place well and she even gets some flashes of the past. Sindoora asks Divya that why she became like tht seeing this place then Sindoora takes out a gun and points it to Divya where Divya gets so tensed.


Divya remembers the last words of Sagar and goes to the jeep. and tells Samrat that Sindoora ne....thn Sindoora interrupts saying that Divya got scared of this gun and all thn Divya tries to tell something about the flashes what she got but stops herself thinking Mauvah's words that not to tell anything to anyone regarding her past flasehs and diverts topic saying she is not feeling well because of India's weather and all. Then Sindoora tells that they have to go home now else Divya's health will be more tough , then Chandra asks Sindoora about wht they have to do about Divya and then Sindoora tells that she dont knw.

Kaamna is walking on roads thinking , there two road side romious follows her where she starts running and bumps into Amar and asks for help then Amar fits with tht fellows while Kaamna sees a cut on Amar's hand and teres her duppatta and ties it to his hand and takes her to her home and drops there . Amar sees the Singh's house and feels something while Samrat comes there in car and sees Kaamna standing with Amar and asks what happened?? where She explains Samrat everything , thn he goes to Amar thanks him and gives him 500 rupees for helping Kaamna. but he wont takes it as he did help but its not for money.


Amar starts thinking that people here in cities just live for money and nothing else. then the Sardar ji comes and asks Amar that he also came for money only thn he replies he came for someother thing while Sardar ji tells him that he will get success in the thing for wht he came there. then Sardar ji tells that they have to supply food to Sindoora singh's house...thn Amar feels that he is getting to go or meet this Sindoora Singh again and again....and spells Sindoora Singh....

In Sindoora's room , she is sleeping while " Sagar " comes there in a white kurtha and asks "what Sindoora Singh ....what you think ....wont i come back .. you will be escaped...." while Sindoora is gazing at him in fear and afraid...while Sagar's body starts bleeding at his heart and Sindoora comes out and gets her senses back and calls Chandra . Chandra comes and consoles her saying that its all just her night mare and nothing else . but she wont accepts and she thinks that even now they cant escape from me and if even they take too many janams and all.......

Precap:- Saloni with Nahar dancing on the floor along with some side dancers.....
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