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Default Article: Sindoora will finally die in Dulhann :)

Sindoora will finally die in Dulhann

Here’s something which the viewers of Dulhann (Zee TV) have been waiting for long. Sindoora’s (Kamya Punjabi) evil deeds will finally come to an end soon.

The latest episodes show Sindoora losing her cool; she gets impatient and finally decides to kill Amar and Vidya. But as per the prediction of an astrologer, Amar or Sindoora, either one has to die, so who will die here remains a big mystery for the viewers.

We asked Kamya herself, who said her character would die soon. But she warned that Sindoora wasn't the type who would go easily, and much would have to happen before she would die.

“The death sequence of Sindoora will be shot in Banaras, but before that she will have to go through a number of things," Kamya said. "she’ll get trapped in fire and many other things would happen.”

It was in the last birth that Sindoora succeeded in killing Sagar and Divya, but this will however not be the case this time.

So is there a possibility that this time Sindoora would take rebirth and comeback in Amar-Vidya’s life?

“I don’t think anything of that sort would happen," Kamya said, "but this is television, so you never know! It depends upon the viewers too whether they want Sindoora to come back or not.”

To settle the matter, we asked producer Shyam Bhattacharya, who refused to even concede that Sindoora would die at all: “All I can say is that after this death sequence, there are amazing tracks which will come up”.

Divyanka Tripathi of Vidya fame also kept us guessing. She says, “According to a babaji, one of them will surely die, he also predicted that if Sindoora dies, then Amar-Vidya would not be happy together and if Amar dies, then obviously it’ll be worse. So who will die, still remains a mystery”.

Asked what she wanted, she said: "There has been enough of negativity, I think Sindoora should die."

So that settles it then. Unless of course, Sindoora has her third avatar.

good news guyssssss
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