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Default saat phere - 14th jan written update

Hi! this is the first time i am updating episode. Actually I was looking through saat phere forum when i noticed there's no written update for 2day's episode. so i thought why not i update it for you all. so kindly forgive me 4 any mistakes.


Brishesh Living Room

Episode starts with kakasa screaming at kakisa. he holds her by her arm and takes her towards the door to throw her out of house. brijesh runs behind to stop him and tells him she will go out of the house but he shouldn't insult her like this by throwing her out of the house. urvashi comes to kakasa and ask him to relax and not take so much stress. she says it is not easy for a woman to see her husband with another woman. kakasa compares kakisa to urvashi and says she has a pure heart and cares about everyone and never thinks of hurting anyone whereas kakisa is so mean. he also allows her to stay at home, giving her just one more chance.

Neerav's House

Saloni calls brigadier and when asked who it is, says cindrella. brigadier recognises her and chats with her very politely. he asks her what does she like and she says chocolates. he then asks her where does she live. Saloni's says she lives with a very good friend of hers and is about to tell him his name, she hears knock on the door and she quickily puts the phone down. on asking her who it is, neel replies its him. she then opens the door.

Brigedier's House

Bell rings and brigadier's wife comes to open the door and is shocked to see naina(new character) standing there. she hugs her and seems really pleased to meet her. she wants to go and inform nishi about her arrival but she forbids her from telling anything to her as she wants to give her surprise (turns out to be nishi's old friend). after brigadier's wife goes, bringadier comes from outside and is very glad to meet her. naina asks him if she told nishi who denies and says how can he when she asked him not to. nishi comes after a while and hearing her approaching, naina hides behind a curtain. meanwhile nishi asks brigadier why did he call her, naina sneaks behind her who gets scared and starts making fun of her. seeing her, nishi becomes surprised and ask her when was her internship ended and in which hospital is she working now. she replies she is working in a hospital in this city. nishi says lets sit down in the room and talk.

Nishi's Room

Naina complains nishi that she didn't inform her about her engagement, to which nishi replies that everything was done very quickly. nishi tells her about neerav and where they first met and how did they get engaged. she says in spite of everything he hardly spends anytime with her and she thinks there is something that is worrying neerav.

In Neerav's House

Neerav(Neel) is brushing Saloni's hair and along with it advising her not to play in the dirt. she complains she is never allowed to go outside the house and neel replies that if she does she will be taken back to hospital. meanwhile nishi is trying 2 call neel on its cell phone but he doesn't notice. later she calls him on the house phone and saloni insists on picking it up but neel does and when he hears nishi's voice on, he gestures her to stay quiet. nishi invites him to lunch in a restaurant. he tries to make excuses and says he is busy and reading something but eventually agrees when she insists. he tells saloni that he needs to go somewhere as it is a very imporatnt work and she should sleep. she feels bad but says as she is a good girl she will listen to him but before that he will have to make her hair.

In the Restaurant

neel is waiting when nishi arrives. she is wearing pink saari with sleevless blouse and drop down earings (she is looking quite different in this scene). neel is surprised to see her in this changed look and smiles at her. she sits down and tells him it was all naina's idea and she forced her to wear this. neel says she is looking beautiful but she looks beautiful anyway, even in her usual clothes. he says it doesn't matter how beautiful a person looks physically but its the heart that's matter. the heart should be pure. the person who find happiness in other peoples' happiness and understands that the love and life is all about making sacrifices is the most beautiful person. while saying this he remembers saloni and the moments he spent with her. they then order food and eats their dinner while chatting. the title song of tum bin plays in the background and several couples start to dance on the dance floor. nishi asks neel to dance with her and they go to the dance floor and start to dance while the song of tum bin still plays in the background.

Neerav's House

Saloni is in the bathroom, making paper boats and putting them in the tub. she wants to make them race but can't so she tries to turn the tap on. she faces some problem with turning the tap on. she really tries hard but can't and eventually breaks the pipe with water leaking on the bathroom floor. she gets scared and tries to open the bathroom's door but fails to open it. she gets all wet and soaked and screams out for neerav and starts to cry. in the end, she goes into a corner, slides down the wall and faints.

I tried my best and hope you like it!
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