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Default Saat Phere - 6th feb written update

Singh Company

Urv (Urvashi) is sitting in her cabin talking to some company members when Brij walks in. Urv excuses the company members. Urv tells Brij to take and a seat. Brij says if theres any work send it to my cabin and I'll get back to you on it. Brij is about to leave when Urv comments saying talking to women like this is very shameful. Brij turns around and Urv says that she needs a favour as his Kakisa. Brij asks her to get to the point. Urv says she has a headache and she needs him to put balm on her head. Brij purposly pushes the water glass on the ground. The caretakers come in. Brij tells them to clean the mess up.

Saloni's Room

Nahar comes in Sal's room. Sal asks him what is her prince charming doing here? Nahar says he's here to put her to sleep. Sal replies saying then call Neerav as thats his job. Nahar asks Sal what am I to you? Sal says a friend. Nahar says so what if this friend wants to put you to sleep? Sal nods her head and says yes. Nahar puts Sal to sleep. Sal asks Nahar to sing her a lullaby (lori). Nahar tells Sal that he doesnt know any lori. Sal replies saying how can I sleep then? Nahar starts singing. Sal starts laughing. Sal tells Nahar to bring Neerav, he sings good lories. Nahar leaves.(Cute Scene.. Must Watch)

Nishi's Living Room

Nahar comes out and Neel & Nishi are waiting for him. Nishi asks Nahar what happened? Nahar says that Sal is being stubborn and wants to hear a lori. He turns to Neel and tells him to go. Neerav says she'll sleep on her own. Nahar takes Neel inside. Nishi smiles.

Saloni's Room

Sal gets excited on seeing Neerav. She asks him to sing a lori for her. She lies down in Neerav;s lap. Neerav looks at Nahar. Neerav sings her the lori. Nahar's eyes get wet. Sal falls asleep. Nahar is about to leave when he sees Nishi at the door. He walks out. Nishi looks at Neel.

Nishi's Living Room

Brig picks up the phone and its Kakasa. Brig and Kakasa have casual talk. Kakasa tells Brig to talk to his wife. They also have a casual conversation. Brig tells Urv to give the phone to Veer (Kakasa) as he needs to talk to him about Sal. Just then Nahar walks in. Both Nahar and Urv are shocked. All of a sudden the Brig starts coughing and tells Veer he'll call him later.

Nahar tells Brig that he doesnt want any1 to find out about Sal. He doesnt want the person incharge of Sal's state to find out about her. Nahar tells Brig and his wife about the past, when Sal changed. Brig says that the Singh Parivaar is already probably suspicious about. Just then the phone rings again. Kakasa inquires about Brig's health. Brig replies says it was just a small cough. Kakasa asks about the issue he was going to talk to him about. Brig says that ever since Nahar came he hasnt smiled once... and when they asked about his wife, he didnt reply properly. Kakasa tells Brig about Sal. They cut the phone.

Brig asks Nahar, is the matter this serious? Nahar says yes, we have to find out why Sal was acting in a different way, 'til then we cant let any1 know about her, esp Urv. Nahar tells Brig about Urv's past with them. Brig says he will call Veer right now and tell him the truth. Nahar stops him saying, Urv will kill the child.

Unknown Room

Urv is playing with Vedant (her son) when all of a sudden he says papa. Urv gets shocked. She tells her son that she is her mom and her dad. How much hatred she has for his dad, he should have that hatred as well.

Singh Living Room

Brij is talking on the phone with Nahar, telling him how much he misses him. He tells him the state of the house. They have a casual talk.

Nishi's Living Room

Nahar finishes talking with Brij and Sal is playing with her toys. Nahar says the word injustice. Sal asks him what it means? Nahar explains it to her. Just then Nishi walks in with the food. She asks Sal to eat but Sal asks for Neerav. Nahar is shocked.

*The rest of the 2nd video isnt working for me. So I'll start from the 3rd Video. If any1 has seen the few last min of the 2nd Video -- if you could PM me the summary I'll add it in here! Thanks*

Singh Living Room

Kakasa wants to go rest but Urv says that he needs to attend yoga classes. Kakasa and Urv leave, Kakisa enters the living room. The door bell starts ringing, Kakisa opens it. Its the mail man, theres a courier from the bank. Kakisa looks and its for Urv. She opens it. She looks through it and realizes its a bank statement. She noticed that Urv is depositing a high amount it someone's account. She wonders who this is? and why is she getting this money?

Precap: Nahar is talking to Nishi & Neerav. He says today I realized how blind a person can be. He looks at Neel and says that this favour of taking care of Sal cant be repaid. Neerav says no, dont make me feel bad. He asks Nahar for one thing..

Credit: gk
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