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Default 16th October Written Update

Here Is The Update For 16th October, 2 0 0 7, L R L Episode.

Episode, as usual, has the recaps at the start :-

The start of the episode is with Abhimanyu training the Cadets in camouflage and also a bit of meditation is imparted by Abhimanyu. He tells the trainees that meditation does help one to be calm in tight situations and also helps during camouflage situations.

During this session Naina loses concentration and has flash back of her brother Naveen, few soft moments and also the soft moments between Capt Rajveer and her are shown in flashback. Naina, suddenly, and unable to continue, excuses herself and opts out.

Later Scene is with Naina Coming out from her tent and pouring cold water on her face. Abhimanyu appears and Naina asks him whether she would be an Outstanding Soldier like her Brother and Rajveer. Abhimanyu tells her she would not. For Capt Naveen and Rajveer were outstanding soldier in their own right, they were selfless in their Deeds for their Country and even when they knew they were being framed. For them Country came first, And Naina fought for her self goal and personal enemy., not the enemy of the country. Abhimanyu advises her to put Country first and then she would be as good as her brother and Capt Rajveer.

In between we have the scene of Gunny calling his senior and the senior advises him to go back to the detention center and forget all these side stories as it does not concern him. Disappointed he leaves the Telephone booth, in goes a stranger talks to his father, telling him he does not want anything, money property , and other materialistic thing as the country is filled with dishonesty and corruption, he could not leave in that environment and country. He comes out and Gunny and he get talking, to a question from Gunny, what would he do if he found an honest man? The person responds that he would Salute him. Gunny leave on his motor bike saying there is just that kind of person

The person holding the Girl has a talk with Gehlot assuring that all is fine and that he would get Abhimanyu and his merry team ambushed. Gehlot is happy.

Training continues with a mock drill of the hunter and the hunted scene. Alekh and Ali are the hunters, with Yudi and Naina being the hunted. Alekh and Ali fail to find them, Yudi, Naina are right under their noses.

Scene shifts to Gehlot, White Convoy gets moving.

Abhimanyu gives instruction and plan strategy, that the meeting is at fixed time, and they should arrive at the appointed place 30minutes sooner.

Scene with the Hired Man instructing a person to guard the kidnapped girl and ensue that she is unharmed. He leaves with his band of armed men.

Later they / Abhimanyu and the Cadets get ready to leave, all the equipments and necessary things are loaded onto the Jeep and last minute instructions, and they synchronize their watches. With best wishes from Suriji, hand shakes from Doc Shalini, the bid good bye and leave in the jeep.

The White Convoy moves on with Gehlot. While the convoy moves / stops; the White Ambassador, with Gehlot inside takes a detour.

Episode ends on Gunny’s face, Gunny is at the wheel. He is the chauffer of Gehlot’s White Ambassador.

Episode Ends.
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16th, october, update, written

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