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Default Written update: 22nd November


sin is standing on the stairs with a bowl of oil...vidya is in her room....sin pours oil on the stairs and looks around...she then switches off the main switch and asks vidya to bring a candle...

vidya along with a candle is coming down...but suddenly the lights are switched on...sagar comes and says that who can switch the main switch off...

he asks vidya why is she roaming around in the darkness...vidya says that sin called her...sagar tells sin that this is too much...she called vidya down...why didnt she go up...

he then sees the oil on the stairs...sagar asks sin how can she be so careless...what is all this...1st the papaya and then cud she do this...had there been someone else he wud have slapped him/her hard....

sin asks what is he can he think that his sister can be so he thinking that she is doing all this...or he is thinking that she wants to harm his kid...they have a habit of calling vidya for small or big things and that is why is called vidya...but that doesnt mean she doesnt care abt her or her child...

she requests vidya that she shudnt roam around...and now before giving any work to her she wud think a 100 times...she tells sagar that she wud stay far from vidya and her kid...


sagar says that he is sorry...she knows that he is very possessive abt his kid...he knows that she loves them a lot...and she shud take care of vidya's health...complete care...

gayatri says that the whole family is there to look after vidya...why is he after sindura...they all wud take care of vidya...gayatri asks vidya if she heard all this...she shud take care of herself...

gayatri and vidya are talking abt sagar's changing behaviour towards sindura...vidya says that day and night sagar thinkz of the kid...his life is in that kid...he is not coming near to her...he is coming near to that kid...

in the night...yaa rabba from SEI plays on..(where is my HDDCS ) sagar is sleeping and vidya stares at him from a distance...she sits besides him caressing his hair....

he turns around and keeps one hand on vidya's stomach and she keeps her hand on his hand...and silently cries...vidya says that she hopes that when he wud get to know the truth...he wud understand her situation...what forced her to tell such a big lie...

vidya's face was on sagar's face and hence one tear drops on his face...he moves and hence vidya pretends to be asleep...he sees her and smiles and then goes to sleep...(must watch SV was soo close )


sagar is getting ready when vidya comes...he asks her to give some file...but she brings the wrong file...he corrects her and then she brings the right one....

vidya says that for small mistakes he easily forgives her...what if her mistake is very big...he asks her to explain...she says that if she commits a mistake which wud hurt him...then wud he forgive her....

sagar says that ofcourse he wud forgive her...becoz he knows that she cant commit a mistake...the sun can rise from the west but she cant commit any mistake...coz she is perfect...

bharat is sitting besides aniket...he asks him if he can come to the annual function...he can do it...aniket thinkz that he wud def. try his best...sin comes and says that he cant come...its still time left for him to get alright..

sagar comes back from the office...he gets a call...the man on the line says that he has got some info regarding his accident...what follows next is in mute...sagar asks if he is sure...

PRECAP- sagar tells aniket that the one who wants to kill him is in this house...
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22nd, november, update, written

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