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Default Kasam Se - 27th Aug written update

The episode starts with aditya entering the room where jigs is resting on a rocking chair and reading.He teases her and tells her that she has settled here very fast,she replies that this is my home and i did not need to settle here.He tells her even he is very happy he is back in WM and the entire family is together and bani is back.Jigs stops rocking and says thats the only problem that bani is back.She had left our lives and gone and now she is back.Aditya tells jigs she should thank bani as only because of her jigs is in WM jigs says she should thank her for sending her to the chawl and everyone in the family may forgive bani but bani will always remain an outsider in the walia family for her and goes away.Aditya tells himself that jigyasa and her thoughts wil; never change.

Pia is crying and driving the car she remembers the marriage scene and stops the car and gets out and screams baniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i hate you.You runied my life,you took away my love from me.The love who i waited five years for.I make a kasam today that i will ruin mr walia and you take away everything of yours and ruin ur marriage life from today you are not my sister just the woman who took away the man i loved.

The entire walia family is eating bani's hand made parathas and praising it saying how much they missed it.Dadi takes one more when bani stops her telling her she cant have more as doctor has said no.But dadi says she has to eat her five years share and eats it.Aditya grabs jai's paratha and jai asks him what is he doing?Aditya eats it saying jai is growing fat noweveryone laughs.Dadi gets the idea to get jani re married again as a new start.Jai says there is no need of a re marriage but everyone is else loves the idea.Atharva says mumma and papa are smiling.Bani asks dadi when is the wedding she says today and lets not delay it.

Everyone goes away except jai who is still eating.Bani is going away when he stops her and goes down on his knees.Bani gets embarased and asks him what is he doing?.He tells her he has always wanted to ask her a question will she marry him??Bani asks him to stand up as someone will see.He says he will not stand until she says yes.She says yes and he stands up and they have an eye-lock session.

AD is standing at the window sill looking all sad when MA comes and he tells her she knows what she wants to tell him.She tells him that what is he doing to himself?he hasnt eaten nor spoke and is always alone and quiet.All this is durga's fault and she doesnt even care about him..She broke the promise she made to him.AD says it isnt her fault and he himself freed her from the promise.Ma asks him why did he do that?as he loved her so much.He replies because she would never be happy with me and because i love her i want to see her happy.Ma asks him now what wil they do?he replies go to america.He says Ma and his sisters are with him he does not need anyone else and he has already made all the arrangements and asks them to pack.

Rashi comes to bani's room where she is dressed up as the bride and tells her that the entrie family is so happy she is back,when she had gone everyone was so sad but now that she is back the light has returned in the home and dadi is so happy.She gives her the necklace dadi has sent for her and rano enters.Rano and rashi stare at each other uncomfartably and rashi goes away.The children come and are standing at the door.Atharva tells krishna to give bani the gift.Bani calls them in and they give her a gift a stuff toy.Krishna tells bani they love the toy and bani tells her that this is their favourite toy and how will they sleep without it?krishna says that now bani is with them so they dont need it.Bani hugs them saying they are her best gift.Bani sees veer looking sad and standing alone she goes to him and is going to touch his cheek when she remembers what all pia did to her and goes away.

Dadi enters jigs and adi's room and asks them how is she looking in her red salwar kameez?aditya says very pretty and she looks at jigs and tells her that she has worn the same colour saree and copied dadi as usual.Jigs gets dam bugged and dadi asks adi to tell jigs to change jigs says she will not change.Dadi says its ok because she will be standing at the gate of the party so everyone will see her forst anyway.Jigs gets bugged and goes to change.

Rano is in her room when ranveer comes.She tells him there is nothing left to talk about and is going away when he catches her hand and tells her that he needs to talk about his life.She leaves his hand saying rashi is his wife and he pushes her into the wall saying she is making him mad.She tells him he is to blame for his madness and he tells her she is his wife,rashi made them get married.Rano says get into reality rashi is your wife and there is nothing between us its all over.Ranveer sasy there was something between us until rashi came and become the pain now i will remove this pain by giving her a divoce and he goes away.

Bani is getting ready sitting at her dressing table when jai comes and is lookign at her.She is about to wear her bangles when jai tells her he will make her wear them he makes her wear the bangles sweetly and all jani memories re collectshe starts crying and mr walia asks her why is she crying?she says she feels so bad she cant even say anything.She gave him so much pain and he beared it silently and she is very sorry.He tells her to forget what has happened and now to think about the future and their love has survived it all.He takes her hand and she gives it to him.Epi ends.

Credit to Sanjana
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27th, aug, kasam, update, written

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