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Default Kasam se - 2nd October written update

Jai and Bani finish praying and leave. Even Daksh and his family leave the mandir.

Raashi is looking at herself in the mirror when she sees Ranvir behind. She gets scared and turns and he tells her that he has taken a doctors’s appointment for tomorrow and if he doesn’t mind him coming along with her. He serves her juice and goes away. Raashi seems wary of his actions and tells herself that she has to speak to Jigyasa about this sudden keen interest Ranveer is taking.

Ranveer is talking to Jigyasa and is all angry and telling her that he is tired of playing this game and being nice to someone he hates. He says he just served her juice when he actually felt like putting poison in it and serving it to her. Jigyasa shouts at him and tells him that she is carrying his child and he has to keep on playing the game of being in love with her. She tells him that once Ranveer has the baby she doesn’t care if he burns Raashi alive or mixes poison in her drinks.

Raashi is outside all this while listening to the entire conversation that took place between Ranveer and Jigyasa. She is heartbroken and is crying. Walking up the stairs she is remembering all the moments where Jigyasa told her to accept Ranveer back again and how he would never hurt her and the time where Jigyasa and Ranveer are taking care of her.

Jai is in his study working when Bani comes in to talk but he says that he is really busy since the work load has increased with this new business deal but he is surprisingly happy to be working so much. He tells her that he needs to get this done by tomorrow any how and he will talk to her tomorrow. When Bani comes into the study later he is fast asleep. She puts a blanket on Jai.

Daksh has gone crazy in the hospital and the nurses and doctors are trying to get him under control however he manages to escape once again. When one ward boy (Sam does this ring a bell???) tries to stop him he becomes violent and takes a bottle and tries to injure him. At this time the doctors and nurses come and catch hold of him and inject him with a sedative. The doctor then comments about how he should not be here but at some asylum.

Daksh’s mother goes up to the doctor and holds him by the collar and tells him that Daksh will never go to an asylum and how dare the doctor even say anything like that. His father tries to calm his wife down and apologises to the doctor. They tell the doctor how Daksh becomes unusually calm when he see’s this one female. The doctor says that they should try and have that woman around Daksh all the time then and leaves. Daksh’s mother tells his father that it has been four days since they came back from Mt. Abu but have yet not been able to trace that female. She tells him that she wants that female, anyhow, within 24 hours.

The Randeria household is bustling with action and preparations. There is one uncle who is forgetful in nature and asks his wife who he is. His wife and him start arguing when Mohan comes and shuts them up and tells them to take care of the guests. The Walia’s enter the house hold in complete Gujrati attire. Nachiket and Purva come face to face with each other and the forgetful uncle congratulates them on their marriage when his wife corrects him. Purva goes from there and Nachiket follows suit along with the aunty.

The ceremony has begun and one aunty tells Purva to get the haldi. Maasi comments as to how unfair life is that at such a young age she became a widow. This is her age to play and enjoy life. Another aunty says that they have kept her in the house as their daughter and never their daughter in law and she is Abhijaat’s amaanat in the house and goes away. When Maasi questions this the other aunty says that the aunty who said this thinks that Abhijaat will come one day and that’s why Purva is yet here. She tells them that after Abhijaat’s death Purva’s parents had come to take her but she didn’t let her go. Dadi says that now that happiness is coming to the house everything will be fine.

Bani asks about Arushi and the aunty says she is getting ready. Bani says she will go help her. When Bani gets up to go, Purva collides into her and drops haldi on the saree. She apologizes and Bani says its alright and asks where can she clean up. Purva tells her the kitchen and directs her towards it. (who sends their guests to the kitchen to clean up?) When the haldi doesn’t come out by just washing it with water, Bani starts proceeding towards the bathroom. However at this time she see’s Arushi come out of a car with a guy and wonders where she was and why did the aunty say Arushi was up. She see’s Arushi entering from the back entrance and gets suspicious.

Episode Ends.

Credit: Shruti
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