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Default Banoo Mein teri Dulhan 3rd November 08 Written Update

The show starts with Janki and her husband. He says we should go now. She tells him, my sons ashes will be sent out in private. She says Gauri is out, so why are you worrying. He says lets go before Gauri comes.

The bahu looks outside and her husband comes and says what are you doing, lets go. They are all about to go when they see Amar. He tells Amar that they are going to send off his ashes. Amar tries to touch the ashes but the mom blocks it with her dupatta. He puts his hand together as a sign that he is sorry and for them to forgive him. They all leave and then suddenly they see Gauri coming towards them. She sees them all dressed in white, and the ashes. She says who's ashes are these?Why are you guys wearing white?


She asks them to speak. She says no one told me something like this is happening, why are you all so quiet. The man says its one of our faraway relatives. Janki is shocked to hear this. He says we have to do his last rites for him. Gauri says you must really love him right. He says yes. Gauri asks them to wait for a minute and that she will be back. She comes back wearing white clothes. She says I'm also a part of this family and that she will also come with them. Amar looks sad.

They are at the ganga, and the pandit is performing shivams last rites. Gauri says to god, please give peace to his soul. The father says the same.

Meanwhile in the singh house, Bharat comes into the room and sees additi, but she turns herself the other way on the bed and wipes her tears. He says i know your crying and this is all my fault, i didnt mean for this to happen, please forgive me. She gets up and says this isn't your fault. She says your in such a difficult situation right now and it isn't easy to say. She says if your family finds out the truth they can turn against you, and they really love you, so it maybe hard. She says its true, i have no right to ask you questions. Bharat says you didn't forgive me yet, i didn't mean to say any of it. He says we've been living together for so long, were not strangers. She says when they find out, we will be strangers in their eyes.

Janki says to her husband,why are you hiding this from gauri, she will find out one day anyways. She says does a mom have no right to grieve in her sons death. He comes and says i understand your pain but theres something you forgot, we promised Gauris parents that we would take care of her. We have considered her our daughter. He says she can't stand this. She says its not going to last, i can try to hide it but this stranger won't last, he will leave one day. I want to have a poja for him, to cry for him. He says you have these tears for the rest of our lives, it will last forever. But we can save Gauris life by hiding it.

They both hug and cry..


Amar is sitting outside and remembering what Gauri said about the ashes. Gauri comes outside and sees Amar there.(ewwww get out of here)

She says i came to get the clothes, she says no i came to see you,to talk to you. She says you told me you will tell me about abroad.

He says no not right now. He leaves and she comes in front of him. She says why don't you talk to me, you have been acting like a stranger. She says you used to talk to me a lot when i was a kid. He says i have a lot to do. He is about to leave and she says your lying, your making excuses. She says if you leave, i will stay out here forever. He says so go ahead.

Missed the precap


by - salmalovesrk
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