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Default Saat Phere - 4th September written update

September 4th Update!


Sal meets Nahar and tells him that Abhi even tried to kill his child. For his purposes he could anything. Nahar is shocked. Sal continues saying that its good that I reached there on time or else Abhi would have been successful. Nahar takes Sal's hand and takes her up the stairs.

Hotel Room

The doctor is checking Pia. Doctor says that she;s lucky and the baby survived. Abhi is shocked. Doctor says that he must take care of Pia and the child as much as he can. Abhi says okay and he will take care of his wife and child. Doctor leaves. Abhi sits on the bed beside Pia and says if something happened to our child.. when Sal walks in. Abhi gets up from the bed and questions Sal presence. Abhi continues saying that even if you tell bad luck to leave this much it does but you .. Just then Nahar walks in. He says Sal isnt alone this time. Abhi says thank god your hear as well .. just look at our Sal has made our lives miserable. He brought Pia away from the city so she could forget those things and have some happy moments. Nahar tells Abhi to stop acting and he knows everything about Abhi. Abhi is shocked that Nahar switched sides.

Pia gets up and says your taking Sal's side to? Nahar replies saying that Sal isnt wrong, its Abhi whos wrong. Sal just wants everyone to know whats behind this innocent face. Pia is shocked. Nahar continues saying that Abhi isnt here to give you happy moments but to kill that child in you. Abhi tells him to stop and says you to have been trapped by Sal. He continues saying that your wife's talks are more imp that your sister's happiness. Why would I take Pia's life when Pia is my life? Whatever happened today was an accident! Sal replies saying shouting wont change the truth. Sal goes to Pia and says reconigze this man.. not for urself but for the life in you. Abhi fold his hands and says for gods sake please leave from here.. please! Nahar says can you brother say something wrong for you? think wrong for you? Abhi is the culprit! Pia tells Nahar to stop it. She says that your wrong thinking cannot change mine! Nahar is shocked. Pia continues saying that the man who accepted me .. how can he be the enemy of my child? Today I cant believe that you [Nahar], who always wanted me to get all the happiness in mylife.. go against my happiness now? Pia continues saying that you know that whatever Sal has put on Abhi has been proven wrong so why are you taking her side ? Nahar replies saying Pia try understanding .. u dont trust me? Pia folds her hands and says both of you please leave from here.

Sal looks at Nahar. Nahar looks very hurt. Nahar tells Sal to leave. Sal says but... Nahar intrupts and says that my own sister doesnt believe me so whats the point of staying here. Pia is crying. He takes her hand and walks out of the room.

Hotel Reception

Sal says she never imagined that even after trying so hard, we fail to bring the truth out. Nahar says dont worry Sal. We will def. catch Abhi one day and bring his true face infront of everyone. We have to make sure that Abhi does a mistake and that to infront of everyone. Sal asks how? Nahar says by making him feel that he has won this battle. Then he'll become careless and whenever he makes a mistake, we can expose him right away. Sal nods her head.

Hotel Room

Abhi is talking to Pia. He says he doesnt know whats in Sal's mind and why she's accusing him. He cant believe that its the same Sal Di who use to love me soo much and today she's calling me your culprit. She even turned Nahar against me. Pia says Abhi forget these things, Im with you so other else matters. Pia continues saying I promise you Abhi that no matter what happens .. nothing will come between us. It doesnt matter what people say, I know Abhi that you love me alot. Abhi says ilu Pia. Pia says Abhi you know your one of those people who give lives not take them. Abhi hugs Pia.

Abhi talks to himself .. he says Now I know that I have your trust so Sal wont be able to do anything.

Samar's Living Room

MB is looking at Abhi & Pia's Wedding Photos when Ginni walks in saying 'warm tea .. 15th' MB says what are you saying? Ginni sits down. She says MB ever since AP (Abhi Pia) have gone out this it the 15th time your looking that there wedding photos. That count is only in front of me.. wonder how many times you've seen it behind me.. MB laughs and says I've stayed away from my son for along time so whenever he's not with me now I feel like something is missing. Ginni replies saying how u have put in under stress... only one person in this house has a full heart but now she has become half half to. MB smiles. Ginni says you should call AP back home then. MB says no no! I know that Im missing my son but Im not that selfish either. I dont want that my for happiness I kill my son's happiness. Ginni says she said that because Pia's a going to be mom and she needs rest. MB says whats Abhi for then? And good that there gone.. if they were here then that Sal issue would have romed their heads. Ginni says something about Abhi. MB says she doesnt understand. Ginni says it doesnt matter what I say.. I have alot of work .. I have to go.

Singh House

The phone is ringing. Bhabho picks it up. Its Abhi [I think he's trying not to sound like himself.] .. he says can I talk to Sal ji. Bhabho asks who are u? Abhi says you dont know me but Sal ji knows who I am. Bhabho says Sal just returned so she;s resting.. call after a while. Abhi asks about Nahar? Bhabho says the samething about Nahar. Bhabho says give me your name and I'll tell them to call u back. Abhi cuts the phone. Bhabho says hello hello? Abhi talks to himself - thanks Sal for going away from here now I can succeed in my plan.

Sal's Room

Her phone rings. Sal picks up.. it's Bhabho. She tells him that Abhi called and was asking about you and Nahar. Sal asks what did you say? Bhabho says whatever you told me to say. Sal thanks Bhabho and tells her that she will call later.

Medicine Shop

Abhi asks the guy about a medicine which can kill a child in the mother. The guy says yes we have one but only for 2 month preg. women. Abhi says okay can u give that to me. Guy asks about the doc's note. Abhi says he doesnt have it. Guy says well then he cant give the med. to him. Abhi gives him a bribe and the guy says wait a minute. Someone calls Abhi's cell .. its KK. KK asks did you succeed in your mission? Abhi says no he didnt. He tells KK about NS. Then he tells her what Pia said to Nahar and how they left. Abhi tells her thank god they returned back home. KK says here? Who told u they were here? Abhi says Bhabho. KK says she lied.. they arent here. They made you a fool Abhi. She tells Abhi to be careful. She put the phone down. He turns around to see a car drive up. Its Nahar. Abhi takes the medicine and goes away. Nahar goes up to the who Abhi bought the med. from. Nahar asks the guy what med did that guy take? Shop guy asks why? Nahar says u gave him med illegaly. The guy disagrees. Nahar says he'll call the police. The guy says please dont and says he took child abortion medicines. Nahar is stunned.

Hotel Room

Abhi has the med and is walking around thinking about something. Pia comes and says shes ready. Abhi says he's not feeling well so why dont they eat here. Pia says dont be so formal .. it doesnt matter where we do lunch. Abhi tells Pia to order the food. He hides the med beside the CD Player Window. Then he tells Pia he's going to go get fresh. Just then someone knocks on the door. Pia asks who is it? The guy says house keeping. Pia says come in. It's Nahar dressed up .. he is here to check the electronic appliances .. its a daily thing for our customers. Pia says sure.. go ahead and check. Nahar looks around. He tries finding the bottle but he cant. He goes near the CD Player. He finds the bottle on the window sil and replaces it with another bottle. Nahar tells Pia that everything is fine when Abhi walks in. Abhi says 1 min. .. who are you? Nahar says room service. Pia says you said house keeping. Abhi stars at Nahar [not knowing its him]


Nahar tells Brijesh that Sal wont be the only one to leave this house. He will to. Brijesh is shocked. Pia and Abhi are also there.
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