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Default Kasam Se - 19th September written update

The episode starts with the three sisters reaching some place (I assume Mount Abu but I haven’t seen Kasam Se since the last time I updated hence kind of blank!)

They go over to the house and touch the gate, open it and remember the old times. They open the lock and open the door to the house. A flashback of them leaving, all their good times there and the present scenario is shown on the screen. They wander around the house…Rano comments that there is dust all over the house, Bani tells her that it isn’t only the house that has got dust all over it and become rusty but also the relationship between the three sisters…she tells her that relationships have to be taken care of the same way houses have to. Rano tells Bani that they should start cleaning the house, Bani agrees to this and they start with their mother’s room. After they clean the room Bani says she should clean her mother’s cupboard also. She goes over to the cupboard and sees the same photo with the words reading something like ‘your secret will remain with me, thank you’. Bani is surprised to see the same photo and decides to find out the secret and suspense behind it.

She goes over to where Rano is and the light suddenly goes of. Bani subconsciously tells Rano to tell Pia to fix the fuse since she always did it but then reality strikes her. Rano tells her that no matter how old the house gets no one can break the four walls or the support of it and the same is with relationships that no matter how many ever mishaps happen, the roots of the relationship always remain alive since relationships are like plants, how ever dry they get, the roots always remain. Bani shying away from the topic goes to prepare something to eat.

Jigyasa is sitting on a rocking chair and looking all morose when Raashi comes in with a plate of food. Jigyasa tells her that she will not eat a morsel. Raashi tells her not to remain her anger on the food. She tells Jigs that it is her fault and tells Jigyasa that every single time she has compromised…first it was when she got engaged to Sahil, then her marriage to Ranveer, then her love for him, then her illness, then her giving Ranveer to Rano and now when she is back she has to deal with Rano. She tells Jigyasa this is a difference between two mothers, one who has lost her son and the other whose child isn’t even born yet. Jigyasa tells her that why does one mother have to loose, she tells Raashi that Sahil is coming back in the form of her unborn child and now that Ranveer has realized his mistake why doesn’t she forgive him. Raashi tells Jigs to get Ranveer back if that is what she wants.

Rano and Bani are with this uncle they call Chacha and are talking to him about selling the house. He tells them that why do they want to do something like that with the property of their ancestors and the last symbol of their parents. He tells them that they have so many memories of and in this house. They tell him that they are in dire need of money and memories will always remain with them with or without their house. Bani tells him that their fathers biggest nishani is the three sisters and that now Walia house is also their home. She tells him not to tell anything to Mr Walia. She also tells him that now they need to help and be with those people who helped them in their time of need. Chacha also tells them that their last string with Mt. Abu will end to which Bani says it won’t and they can always come to Chacha’s house when they come here can’t they? He agrees and tells that he will find a customer. When Rano is not around Bani asks Chacha about the photograph but he is unable to help and tells her to go try the library for some information on the castle.

Rano is dressed in casuals, just like old times and she tells Bani not to put sindoor, she tells her to do it for Rano and not for Pia. She agrees and they go out. Rano starts fighting with Pia about the mess in their room and Bani shouts at them and tries to intervene. She comments and tells Pia, like old times, not to take much time to get ready and leaves the room. Rano tells Pia that cos of her she got a shouting, to relive old days, but to no avail.

They are standing outside looking at Pia through the glass door and Rano tells Bani she brought up their fathers birthday cos for Pia that day is big and vivid. They remember an old scene where the three sisters are selecting a card in the gift shop for their father and Pia selects a singing card. Bani tells her that it is too expensive but Pia says their fathers birthday comes only once and hence they agree to buy it. Having less money they tell the shop keeper they will pay him a day later but he does not relent, instead speaking ill of their father and stating things like how he does not care for his daughters and having 3 grown up daughters he instead of working sits at an alcoholic shop. Each of them gets mad but Pia is very angry and gets physical and threatens the shop keeper and tells him never to say anything ill against her father or she will kill him. Bani tells Rano she remembers that day well.

They go to the shop and are relieved to find the same shop keeper. They explain the scenario to him and because he is apologetic for the past behavior he agrees. They replay the scene but this time it has no effect on Pia. Bani unable to bear it leaves while Rano breaks down, begging Pia to respond to something to anything. The episode ends on an expressionless Pia’s face.

Episode Ends

credit goes to Shruti
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