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Default Kasam Se - 6th September written update

The episode starts with Jigyasa telling Bani that Aparjit Deb has taken all that they had and she being his lover has helped him out. They must be very happy after taking everything away. Jai comes in and tells her that enough is enough and now she wonít utter a word against Bani. Jigyasa tells him that why shouldnít she say anything because it is cos of Bani that they are in the state they are in now. She tells Jai that how can he be fine with all this. He tells her that it doesnít matter to him because he has his wife, his children and his family with him. He tells her that they lost their father at 21 and all the responsibilities of the company came onto him, Jigyasa herself was only 16 and Jai took care of her like a father and never made her realize that she didnít have parents. He gave her everything she ever asked for and that was all she ever did, ask. He tells her that did she ever ask him how he was, inquire about him? Jai tells Jigyasa that she doesnít know what being alone and helpless is. He tells her that taking care of everyone he forgot he had emotions, he had become stone hearted. He tells them he couldnít say he was sick or had a headache because he was the oldest and had to take care of everyone. He says that after Bani entered his life he realized he also had the right to fall sick and be taken care of. He also felt the pain and the love. His life changed after Bani entered his life.

Jigyasa continues with how she is surprised that Jai thinks that way because she has always done everything for her family which includes Jai. She says that she has lost her son because of the three sisters and maybe Jai didnít fall sick before cos he was happy, like all of them were. She says that these three sisters are a curse to the house and now they have nothing, no money or reputation or respect. She questions Jai as to why he is supporting and defending Bani so much. Jai gets irritated and says that he is doing so because she is his wife but Jigs wouldnít know anything about that relationship since she never treated Aditya the way a husband is supposed to be treated.

Everyone leaves but Jai, Bani and Maasi. Maasi comes over to Jai and tells him that she has never said it but today he has become bigger than her, older than her. She leaves and Bani is crying silently. Jai goes over to her and tells her that he has told her never to cry, her tears are too precious to him to be wasted like this. He tells her that she makes him feel as if he is 21 all over again and that he has to grow old with her.

Bani is sitting in her room all sad when Rano comes in and apologizes for her behavior before and asks why didnít she tell her before. Bani tells her that she couldnít tell Rano that and disappoint her. Rano buries her head in Baniís lap.

Rano tells the doctors that they canít go in for treatment and the doctor says that Rano should take Pia home since her condition is not going to improve just staying here and the bill will so along with a nurse Rano should take Pia come and get her to the hospital twice for a check up. There is flashback of all the times Bani snubbed Pia and Rano says that she cant take Pia to WM.

Jai comes in and seeing Bani so sad asks her what is wrong. He answers it himself and goes and stands at the window. He looks out and sees a bird on the tree and takes Bani out with him. He shows her the nest and says it was destroyed but the birds built it again and if the birds can do it so can they. He tells her that there will never be a time where he wonít be able to give them food and that Bani should have faith in him. He tells her that she is his anchor and if she becomes weak who will support him. The song Ďek pyar ka nagma haií plays in the background with their flashback scenes. (the song looks awkward)

Jigyasa is sitting and cancelling the car orders and when the guy isnít listening to her she orders him to do so. After that Dadi comments that Jigs should buy a scooter since she cant travel buy buses or trains and in the rickshaw her friends might see her but in the scooter the helmet will cover her face. Then the travel agent calls and she cancels the tickets and asks for a package to north india without a return ticket and Dadi makes that into a joke too. The contractor comes with a budget for house renovations but she tells him to go away and cracks a comment about black paint. Jigs then rudely tells Dadi that she should grow up and realize that they have nothing left since not everything is a joke.

Rano walks into WM and looks harrowed. When Maasi asks her she tells her about Piaís treatment canít go forward and how she is helpless. Jigs takes this as a perfect opportunity and tells her to bring Pia come home since the house is as much of Piaís as of Baniís since both are mothers of Jaiís children. She tells Rano that Bani is no one to decide and that whatever may have happened between them is not of their concern. Bani comes and tells Rano to bring Pia come and goes away.

Jai gets mad and tells that they will incur the costs but Pia wonít come back. Jigs says that Jai has forgotten they donít have money to which Jai says they can put her in a charitable hospital. Jigs says that would be the last straw of their reputation and that how can they do that since the Waliaís once gave contributions to these same hospitals. Jigs tells Jai that is the reason for not wanting Pia back that Jai might not be able to control his attraction to her once again. Jai tells her to shut up and not say anything that comes into her mind. Bani comes down with a bag and says let Pia come here since she, Krishna and Atharva are shifting to the outhouse.

Episode ends.

Credit goes to Shruti
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