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Default Kasam Se - 14th September written update

Episode begins with Bani on the WM terrace which she has done up with diyas. She apologises to Jai in her mind for hiding her feelings, saying that she doesn't want him to know that she's aware of the truth coz a man can withstand his own humiliation and defeat but not in the front of his loved ones.. Jai comes and asks what is all this?? Bani tells him that you wanted to celebrate, I know its not what you are used to but its the best I could do. Jai tells her that its perfect and the two of them sit down. She tells him to close his eyes and takes out aplate of his fave pastries. Jai is so happy and says that he too has a gift for her, he takes out a small matka. Bani asks him if its kulfi, but its imli( Jai you hog, you polished off the kulfi and filled the matka with imli), and wrapped in a piece of cloth he's got namak and mirch, s'thing she loved from her Mt Abu days. They feed each other then Jai comes to her and holds out his hand and they dance to Ek pyaar ka nagma. Bani's thinking that this man will swallow all his humiliation just to make me smile and Jai is thinking that he'll do whatever it takes to make her happy. God these two are something else

Jigz marches upto the family at breakfast and throws a newspaper at Adi's face. Big headlines announcing the previous nights humiliation of JW in front of his wife. She is hopping mad and says that there was a time when the media would follow us around, and we were the newsmakers, today thanx to Bani we're the subject of ridicule. JB comes and Jai tells jigz to shut up, it is his problem if he's not hassled why is she?. Jigz agrees and wonders how he and Bani can be so calm, and maybe she should also learn from them after all Bani has made a habit of ruining the Walias and by now she should be used to it. Jai is shocked to know that Bani was there last night, Jigz says that Bani will not pass up any opportunity to see Jai insulted, now we all should go to Bani's fave 5 star hotel to celebrate. Both Maasi and Adi tell Jigz to shut up. A waiter comes and tells them that the press are waiting outside, Jigz leaves saying that she doesn't want to stand and watch seeing her family made a tamasha of. All the others go to meet the press led by JB. The press throws a barrage of questions at Jai asking him why he was thrown out, About the future of WI and its employees and whether Bani had a relationship with AD. Jai is about to leave when Bani holds his hand and stops him. She faces the press and asks them why they've come to sensationalize their problems? To the world Jai may seem like a defeated man but for her and his family he is still the best husband/father/son, a man who despite having fallen from such a great height has the courage to pick himself up and make a fresh start. I have full faith in him and he's like the Sun that will rise and shine again. The press is shamefaced and leaves and Bani leaves too looking upset.Jigz says that now Bani is set to become a politician with her bhashans. Everyone looks fed up with her.

Jai comes to the room and asks Bani why she didn't tell him and apologises for having to hear all the insults. He lied coz he didn't want her to be unhappy. Bani apologises too saying that somehow all of it is her fault, but Jai stops her saying that she's not hs weakness, but his strength and his reason for living. Bani says that our relationshp has reached a level where we only want to see each other happy and that now our relationship is truly complete, we're truly life partners.

Rano is coaxing Raashi to eat and tells her that now she cannot afford to be careless now that another life is in her. Jigz comes and exclaims to see the 2 soutens together after having thrown out Ranveer. She tells Rano that her tactics are brilliant, first you strip Raashi of everything and now you tell her to eat. Raashi tries to defend Rano but Jigz shuts her up saying that she's too foolish to understand the gameplan of the 3 sisters. Rano then bursts out that Raashi could not afford to stay quiet and wait for Ranveer to attack her and her unborn child. Jigz is shocked and Rano very sarcastically asks her how she doesn't know that Raashi is pregnant since she always seems to know everything.

JB are walking on the beach and Jai asks Bani what she's thinking. Bani replies that she's looking at the shooting stars and wondering why people wish on them, after all how can something broken fulfill wishes. Jai tells her that he can't speak for others but as long as Bani is with hm he doesn't need anybody or anything else in his life, coz he doesn't really care for anything besides her. Bani then asks him to walk with her in the waves coz the water is said to remove their troubles. They walk barefoot side by side and suddenly Jai goes ouch, somehing's pricked me. Bani digs a bit in the wet sand and comes up with her old chain and crystal charm(the one she'd thrown in the water). She's very happy coz its her lucky charm which her father had given her and she's sure it symbolises the return of happy times. Jai is thrilled to see her so happy and says that when the sea returns something you thought you lost, it symbolises the return of happiness. Episode ends.

1, JB seem to have reached a new understanding in their relationship, they seem to have gone beyond being lovers to being friends and each other's rock. Lovely to see and hope that the creatives keep to this togetherness, Its great to see each of them support and defend each other.

2. Jigz seriously needs a muzzle.

3. Raashi's child will deffo be used by Jigz against Rano/To get Ranveer back.
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