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Default Saath phere (12 october) writtern updates

Brijesh Living Room

Saloni tells Bhabho hope its fine no and that’s what she wanted and leaves angrily. All are shocked to see this. Furious Nahar is going when Bhabho stops him from going. She tells him not a word to Saloni and its her swear to him. Nahar is very upset and tells her that he cant tolerate Saloni insulting her who is like is Mother. Bhabho is tearful. He wldnt be able to see her in the eye. Nahar seeks forgiveness on behalf of Saloni and that she shd ignore her mistake. Brijesh tells Nahar he is not weak and shd nto break down. SO what is Saloni did this she is his wife and both are incomplete without each other. Saloni needs his love and care. He shd tlak to her nicely and find out what’s in her heart and explain her. Nahar goes.

Kakisa says that we all need to tell Saloni that we aren’t her enemy (yeah but you are) but Aditi says that what we have been doing but she is being obstinate.

Saloni room

Nahar sees Saloni cutting the clip of news from the paper. Nahar takes the cutting and says in all newspapers she is shinning. Saloni says why is he jealous? Nahar ans yes he is but at her comment and if he isn’t happy at her joy then at whose happiness will he feel. Saloni ans that she understands and knows the pretense all of them are putting up. She can comprehend the conspiracy behd these false concerns. And she leaves Nahar hurt.

Gaj Pratap living room

Shubra brings Rajasthani lunch for him. Shubra tell him this he wldnt have go tin South Africa. As he tastes them he remarks this taste is of Padma’s cooking. Shubra says since u miss her why don’t u forgive her. Gaj PRatap replies that its not possible to forget certain things so the ques of forgiving doesn’t arise.

Brijesh Living room

Dheer calls Vrinda for coffee but there is no response at this he comments she must be sitting & brooding for her Thakursa. But there is no one to whom he can talk with. It strikes to him Kaveri and he shd call to tell her latest news abt Saloni. This way he can hear her good voice too.

Kaveri room

Kaveri recs his call and after pretends not to recognize him. Dheer then says she cant forgot him. Kaveri asks him the purpose and he tells that after Saloni’s album release and world tour she is behr rudely. Kaveri is cheered and decides that Saloni snatched Samar away from her now she will make her life difficult in her house.

Kunjan room

Shubra gives prasad to Kunjan says so she had gone o temple. Kunjan asks for more & Shubra says he is behaving like Piyush. Next Kunjan takes the whole box and Shubra goes inside. Kunjan checks the sweet box to notice the particular shop is in opp direction to the temple. So why did Shubra say she went to temple?

Samar Living room

Kaveri tells Narpat Navratri is coming and they haven’t made any preparations. Narpat is happy to observe the change and says that since Ambika is not there its wonderful that Kaveri has taken the responsibility. Kaveri tells him to invite all relatives. Narapt asks from where shd they start and Kaveri replies they shd start from Saloni in-laws as they have always been supportive to them. She also tells Narpat and she wld like to come along.

Brijesh Living room

Dheer welcomes Narpat and Kaveri. Brijesh, Tara, Bhabho Nahar Aditi welcome them. Narpat invites them for Navratri and ‘Devima sthapana’. Kaveri inquires abt Saloni and Aditi tells her she is in her room Kaveri decides to meet her when Dheer stops her and tells that that its better not to go there as we all too keep away from her. Her mood swings are bad. Kaveri comments that it seems that Dheer is jealous of her sudden fame and fortune. Dheer says so what if she is successful we aren’t small in comparision. Kaveri now says if u have any problems with Saloni then state them clearly. Brijesh ques Kaveri whats the meaning of being explicit and does it mean they are jealous becoz she became something. If Saloni commits a mistake then we have no qualms in making her realize that. Just then Saloni comes.

Kaveri sees her and quickly attacks Brijesh that so now he feels Saloni is wrong? Is it wrong to fulfill one’s dream? Aditi stops Kaveri and says they are fed up of Saloni’s misconduct and misguided thinking. Saloni comes and ques Aditi and asks her why is she misbehaving with guests? She is forgetting that these people are from her ‘maika’. Aditi ans that she hasn’t done anything that can be termed as misdemeanor. I shared what u have been doing these days.U do know how people shd behave with ur maika people but u have forgotten how to behave with people in this house. ( Bad comparision Aditi all deserve respect irrespective of being urs and mine!!) Narpat tries to stop but Saloni tells him not to as she knows how to talk with her. Saloni says here many people are unable to tolerate my success and are making all efforts to stop my growth. And after faltering in their motive they are directing their anger on you. Aditi yells and Saloni retorts that she can speak loudly too. Everyone is startled but watching quietly –. Nahar says what’s all this (oh so now u want to stop the entertainment) and requests Aditi to stop if not for him then for the baby. At this Saloni taunts that finally Nahar shared how much he cares for her as he asked his sister to stop for the sake of the baby and not out of concern for her. Nahar says she is misconstruing her but Saloni tells him that she knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. Today he kept quiet seeing her getting insulted for only one reason and that is becoz he is furtively envious of her success. Nahar is astonished ( So am I? what kind of accusation is this?) Aditi tells Saloni to stop. ( there is no other dialogue she gets!) Kakisa too now adds that Saloni shd be ashamed of talking like this to her husband ( Oh not for any other reason so if it had been with u it shd be fine huh?) Saloni goes inside.

Kaveri requests them not to feel bad of Saloni’s words inspite of being wrong, she didn’t spare Nahar too. From her side I seek your forgiveness ( wow this moment shd be captured for eternity-lol) . Next she tells Narpat to talk to Saloni.

Saloni Room

Saloni is hurt and sad when Narpat says he has never seen her talk to anyone like this. This is not my Saloni’s behr. She cannot hurt anyone and is always concerned abt others. I have heard that ur attitude towards others has changed. Saloni tells Narpat that he is saying all this and he too doesn’t understand her? No one is ready to understand her and all fly members are despiteful towards her. Narpat says its not like this and all love her and care for her. Saloni replies no its not care and all pretense and had they cared they wld have thought abt me from heart. But now no more and now his Saloni wants to love for herself and no one can change her decision. She tells Narpat she doesn’t want to argue abt it. She wants to live her life on her terms. Narpat is quiet and leaves. Saloni is deeply agonized.

Brijesh Living room

Narpat seeks forgiveness for Saloni’s behr from all. He says Saloni’s words must have hurt them but he can vouch that her motive was not to hurt them. Kaveri says its not Saloni’s fault but sitn as Saloni is expecting so her behr is grumpy. Tara says she is right since this change in Saloni came becoz of her pregnancy. She assures Narpat that they will take care of Saloni. Bhabho tells Narpat that they will take care of Slaoni and that this year this navratri since Ambika is not there they shd do “Mataji-Sthapna’ at their house and she is sure that Goddess will rectify all issues and happiness will return.Narpat gladly accepts. Kaveri is elated and ponders what I wanted to do is something what Saloni is doing on her own. MY revenge is getting accomplished along with free entertainment. Now she will come for sthapna and watch the drama live.

Monday : Amtaji Maharajk pooja is taking place. Saloni tells Tara what is the need of this miserly action? Tara asks her what did she do? Saloni tells her she shd have offered Goddess good jewelry. (Courtesy my Bhabhi)
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