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Default Saat Phere - 8th October written update

Brijesh Living room

Saloni ques Tara why she didnít ask her what she wished. Tara replies she is happy for her success and didnít mean to, at this Saloni says becoz its abt Saloni so it isnít worthwhile to ask me. It was my dream to sing. Tara asks her not to misconstrue her as she thought this becoz of her condition she cant handle the responsibility. Saloni tells her that the yes or no decn shd have been her consideration and goes inside. Tara is tearful and tells Bhabho she didnít intend to hurt Saloni. Bhabho tells her not to feel bad as during pregnancy women get irritable & she will talk to her. Tara gets sad and says God did give her this opportunity. Kakisa observes the happening and is glad.

Saloni Room

Bhabho gives arti to Saloni and tells her Tara didnít mean to hurt her. She said this for the wellbeing of baby and her. Saloni says why is she telling her?and this was a big opportunity. She never thought of even asking her once. Bhabho says think from her perspective and she meant good for you.

Padma Room

Shubra gets juice for Padma who then offers to play with Piyush and Shubra is keeping her sarees when GajPratap-Padma photo falls down. As Shubra is seeing it Padma comes and tells her its her past and she doesnít wish to remember it. Shubra ans its not easy to forget the past and the truth wont change.

Brijesh Living Room

Brijesh comes and calls Saloni for coffee and Tara brings it. Brijesh inquires and Tara angrily tells she is taking rest. Kakisa realizes that Tara wont utter a word against Saloni and the unity of the fly needs to be broken so she needs to grasp the opportunity. Kakisa tells Brijesh that what she heard today was disheartening and she narrates the incident. Brijesh tells Tara that why did she decide on Saloniís behalf. Being elders they shd suggest but not enforce their thoughts. Youngers have right to lifeís decns and we shd nto snatch it. You shd say sorry and since Saloni is giving such a big gift to this house and in this process if we get hurt then we must bear it. Tara agrees and both go much to Kakisaís chagrin.

Saloni room

Bhabho & Vrinda are trying to make Saloni eat halwa but she isnít in a mood.Brijesh asks Saloni why is she angry and Tara says sorry to her. Saloni smiles and Tara says now whatever Saloni says will happen and as Vrinda is forcing her again to eat halwa she tells her not to. Kakisa comes to invite Brijesh for dinner and all go.

Nahar office

Nahar is instructing a man to make arrangements as he wants to give a surprise to his wife. Next he calls Saloni and tells her that he wants to spend time with her. Nahar asks her for dinner arrangement

Saloni room

Saloni cheerfully says that now u remembered me. Saloni says he shd have told earlier but finally relents.


Nahar cheerfully tells Saloni that today they will have good time together without any disturbance. There are no fans arnd and yesíday they were press etc. This is a price for being a starís spouse. Saloni smiles but just then a girl comes and praises her voice and asks for autograph. As Saloni is signing she asks for her next album at which Saloni gets agitated and stands up to reply never. She leaves.

Brijesh Living room

Nahar follows Saloni and asks her what happened and why did she get angry he didnít commit any mistake. Saloni says she isnít in a mood. Nahar then closes her eyes and tells her that there is a surprise for her.

A room

Nahar takes off his hands and Saloni asks where are they. Nahar switches on the lights. Saloni sees a room well decorated with toys and flowers. Nahar elated says the baby shd know how desperately we were waiting for him/her. Saloni now says that not to feel hurt or bad but cant the baby come in a little later. Nahar gets perplexed and asks hows it possible the baby comes in few months. Saloni says nowadays there are many ways and means so thatÖNahar interrupts and says donít speak any more an how can u think like that? Saloni replies try to understand me I want to achieve my dreams and goals and here I am getting an opportunity. Nahar angry tells her u can achieve ur dream along with the baby and whatís the fault of the innocent baby? Saloni retorts for the first time u r thinking like a typical man and I am also human and I have right to think abt my happiness, my dream. Nahar says the baby is the happiness of the whole house and she cant do that. Saloni says why do I always have to think abt others? Just becoz I am a woman? I want to ask you whats more imp to you me and my happiness or the baby?

Tom : Nahar tells Saloni that u asked me a ques and I ask u the same whats more imp to u : ur career and happiness or the baby?

Credit: realitybites
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