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Default 20th November LRL Written update w/Pictures

Pics -

Here Is The Update For 20th November, 2 0 0 7, L R L Episode.

Note :- Three Cadets Are Ali, Alekh and Ali.

Episode begins with the usual Recaps :-

Episode starts off from where it had left off, that is with the Cadets and Sameera, where Nair had just spoken. The Cadets still in that mode and say few lines that made light of Nair. Then they leave with Sameera in tow.

Voice of Naveen says the Cadets are doing their best and as is Abhimanyu in his own way.

Well the Scene shifts to Abhimanyu who stumbles upon a conference like room, with few blinking monitors. There are two unknown men and Abhimanyu is welcomed.

From then onwards the golf cap attired older man introduces and turns out to be the Cellular phone talker. Also he tells he is running a war veteran organization in keeping the running of the Country and the Army safe from unruly elements, and the corrupt politicians. There are good people who strive to save the Country and there are men -- politicians - who are corrupt and deceiving the country and thus ruining the Country.

In short Retd Major Azad gives Abhimanyu an outline with regards to himself and the organization.

Scene Shifts to the cadets and Sameera in one of the class rooms / lecture rooms. They have prepared paper work and plan to recruit students to K M A, and foil Gehlot’s move to close K Ma. All are happy at the thought of K M A having youth thronging o join the Army. Yudi pricks the balloon by stating that it is going to be a tough task.

All these while Major Nair over hears, actually eavesdropping on the cadets

The Cadets leave after dividing the papers.

As usual Major Nair makes a call

Scene Shift to Gehlot’s office, has an old guy from the television. Gehlot blackmails the television chief into doing what he wants, to do a story, against the K M A. The Person initially refuses, but at gun point, he agrees to work as per Gehlot's wishes.

Scene Shifts to Abhimanyu, who is convinced that war veteran’s work and implications are that Abhimanyu’s help will continue.

Scene is with B C, checking out a brown envelope’ contents. The cadets arrive at some point. B C is sad about K M A’s closure, and says to them as K M A too might close in a month. The cadets think otherwise. And tells him that they have a plan, and he need not worry if that most important mission of their lives, is successful. B C then signs the orders.

Cadets salute and leave, Sameera also leaves.

Episode Ends with the Cadets marching towards the Gate, Episode ends when they reach the Gate.

Needless to mention Sameera is also with them.

Episode Ends
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