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Default Written Update: 23rd May KS

The episode starts with the parents of the kidnapped children assembled in front of the place where the kids and JnB are kept as hostages and the parents fight with the Police to allow them to go inside and save their wards or asks the Police to do something to save their children. The police tries to make them understand that its dangerous to allow anybody to go inside as a number of terrorists were at loose and the police were doing everything in their power to nab them and free the children. Members of the Walia family had also assembled in front of the compound and the Police Inspector tells Pia that there is nothing to be worried about and that the police operation was underway and the children would be brought out very soon. And that the couple inside would also be released soon. Pia is surprised to hear about the couple to which the police informs her that Mr. and Mrs. Walia are also held inside by the kidnappers. hearing this, Pia is shocked and and every colour flees her face. Daadi, Ranveer, Rano, Moksh, Aditya and Jigs had also assembled at the spot to find out about the incident. Ranveer and Aditya tries to go inside and save the kids but the Police stops them.

AD also arrives in his car at the spot and sees the Walia family standing outside the compound. He asks the Police as to why so many people had assembled there to which the Police replies that some children had been taken hostages by a group of terrorists inside the compound and a couple were also inside with them. AD thinks that it might be Jai and Durga inside the compound and that it’s not a good thing. He steps outside and thinks further that if somehow Durga and Jai got closer and all their issues were solved, then they might get together and this would spoil his revenge plan against the Walias and would also destroy his weapon. He sits on the bonnet of his car and thinks that he would have to do something to separate them.

Pia sees AD sitting on the bonnet of his car and goes and asks him why he was there. AD says nothing only points towards the compound. Pia then tells him that he should ensure that DDG should stay away from Mr. Walia since Mr. Walia belongs to her only and that she would destroy DDG if she tried to come between Mr. Walia and herself. AD thinks that its very important for him to also keep Durga away from Jai so that she doesn’t go back to being Bani again and AD decides that for him the best option would be to use Pia against Bani now so that Jai and Bani stayed separate always. He thinks that this adbhoot prem kahani where Pia wanted Jai and Jai wanted Bani would now be interesting as Jai is now caught in the middle with Bani on one side and ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ on the other.

At that moment, Jai with Bani on his arms comes out of the compound, accompanied by the kids. Daadi and others are surprised and so are Pia and AD. Jai takes Bani to his car and tries to get inside when Pia rushes to him and stops him saying that they were all making a mistake and the person whom they were believing to be Bani is actually Durga Das Gupta who had tried to harm the Walias in a number of ways. Jai stops her from saying anything further and tells Pia that it is not Bani who is cheating them but Pia and that he is fed up of hearing her nonsense. Pia then tries to convince Rano that the woman is indeed DDG but Rano also gets tired of Pia and slaps her. Everybody is surprised. (I really love Rano ) Rano then tells Pia that nobody in the world can convince her to believe that its not Bani and how can Pia be so cruel as to say that Bani is dead when the truth is otherwise. She reminds Pia that if it hadn’t been for Bani, she wouldn’t have been in the WM only. And that when nobody believed that Pia was suffering from partial amnesia, it was Bani who believed in her and brought her to stay with them in WM. In return of which, Pia took away everything from her. Pia as usual is disgusted and says that its useless to even try and speak to Rano. She then again goes to Jai and tries to stop him but Jai pushes her away forcibly.

Pia runs to AD and says that if he is seeing everything then why is he sitting mum doing nothing? AD then stops Jai from getting into the car by hollering ‘Walia’ and tells him why is he neglecting his own ‘amanaat’ and taking somebody else’s ‘amanaat’ with him?

He asks Jai as to how he can leave his amanaat crying on the road and try to go home with AD’s amanaat in turn? Jai enquires about his identity and then AD reveals his true identity and says that he is Aparajit Deb. Jai remembers everything that AD had done to him and his family and is very angry. Ranveer also steps in and says that now that AD has revealed his true identity, he will surely take revenge from AD. AD stops him and says that children should not speak in between when two elders are speaking. He then tells them to keep the angry, abusive words to themselves as they would not be able to do anything. He then tells Jai that its not Bani he is taking home but DDG. Jai tells him that he doesn’t believe it and even if God came down and told him so, still he wouldn’t believe it. AD throws his hand up and then walks away. Jai gets into the car and drives away. Pia is fuming when AD signals her with his hand to keep calm.

Inside the car, Jai is sitting with Bani’s head on his chest and Rano on the other side. He remembers the happy times he had spent with Bani and is very tensed. Rano tells him not to be worried about Bani and that they would tell her the truth once she gains consciousness.

On the other side, Jigs instigates Pia to do something very fast as otherwise the good job done by them 5 years back to throw Bani out of the house would end in a damp squib and they would be left with nothing. For the last 5 years, the WM had resonated with Bani’s thoughts and names and now she herself would resonate in the whole house. Pia tells her that she would definitely not allow Bani to stay in the house and Jigs asks her to think something very fast.

On the other side, in the WM, Jai enters with Bani in his arms and takes her back to their room and lays her down on the bed. Moksh arrives with the Doctor who tells Jai and Rano that Bani would gain consciousness very soon. Rano calls Jai and tells him that once Bani awakes, they would tell her the truth immediately so that Pia and others would not be able to do anything heinous. Jai agrees to it though he looks extremely worried.
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23rd, update, written

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