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Default Maayka - 30 April WRittern Update


Jeet is telling cherry that I thought you had changed but you never did. Cherr says I just gave back to ur family what ever they gave me. Soni is saying thanks to mahi and says look veer is here they both turn to see no one soni is shocked. Sabd is telling mahi that I donít know what has happened to veer but one thing I know for sure that when he makes a decision he never changes it I know him form all these years. . mahi is then telling shabd to go find soni because she cant find her anywhere. Shabd saya she might have not gone too far ill go get her. Mahi says quickly.shabd goesÖ..

Part 1

Soni is walking on the lonely road where it is very windy and leaves are flying everywhere remembering shabd and mahiís conversation about veer not coming for the event of vaisakhi. Sheís crying so much. When people going by see her and are thinking what has happened to her.

We see shabd in the car loking worried and looking everywhere hoping to see soni. We see soni again walking and turning the road when shabds car just goes by he just missed her. Soni is crying remembering happy flash backs of her being with veer and crying with a sad song in the background. She walks towards the edge of a clif . the same people who seen her earlier see her and say what is this girl doing near the clif? is she going to fall? Soni is looking don and suddenly she feels something in the head and holds her head everything around her is spinning . the people are still watching her when she faints and falls near the edge of the clif.

When she falls veer wakes up from sleep and is setting screaming out SONI really load. He runs around the whole house and down the stairs screaming soni and then he looks by the door and remembers what happened. He just turns around and walks back up the stairs when we see jeet looking at his brother go up the stairs.

Jeet is thinking in my mission of getting soni I ruined both my brothers and soni life. Ď I have made a very big mistake no, not mistake a very big sin how did I do it? how can I sort the problems I have created

The scene moves back to the people who saw soni faint. They say the girls fallen and run to go help her. They all pick her up and take her to the hospital . while they are doing that we see shabds car come to a halt at a place. He gets out of the car near the clif where the people are taking soni to the hospital he just turns around and misses seeing her. He stands there helpless because he does not know what to do.

On the other hand the doctor puts soni down on the bed and is laying her down properly. The doctor check her after giving instruction to the doctors . doctor asks hu soni is and the people just tell him that we donít know her e jut brught her here when we saw her unconscience.

Part 2

The episode starts in shabds and mahis room were mahi looks upset and shabd just sat on the bed . he says I could not find soni I am tired of ringing but what am I going to tell veer. Mahi says wot do u mean what will u tell veer? He doesnít care if he did he would of rang atleast once because of him today soniÖ shabs cuts in mahi look you know thatís not the matter . she removes shabds hand from her shoulder and stands up. She says I know shabd and I also know that it was sonis mistake but she has just made a mistake and in return she is getting such a big punishment from jiju( mahi is in tears) shes only made a mistake not commited a crime she says do u even know how durga masi acts with her , u cant even think about what she does . but still till today soni has not said a word, she even did not tell me about it. jiju is also an officer e should know if the prson infront of him is the culprit or not. Why ? Shabd gets up and says mahi, mahi you take the matter too far now look love is like that when a mans heart break they can go to any extent , the heart does not have a brain. It is ot time to find their mistakes it is time to unite them forever . mahi says shabd I a very worried about her. I just hope were ever she is she is fine . shabd pulls her in to a hug . mahi says nothing will happen to her right?. Shabd says nothing will happen to her.

The scene changes to the hospital were cherry is taken her harry mama to the hospital because he has pains in the mouth. He is talking loudly on the phone and cherry is trying to get him quiet which is not happeneing. She makes him sit on the chair while hes asking everybody if his tooth will be okay? She goes to get a doctor

On the other hand soni is gaining consciousness. She looks around and finds out that she is in a hospital. She sees her wounds.she gets up after feeling pain in the head. She tries to get up and leave when the doctor turns around and stops her. He says why did u get up ? get back in to the bed. He asks how are u feeling now. Soni nods her head and says I am okay now.

We then see cherry again looking for a doctor. Shes walking in to all the rooms to check for a doctor available .

The doctor asks soni her name and she says mrs. Soni khurana. Cherry hears it because she was going past the general ward and stops in her tracks. She looks though the glass and sees soni on the bed.

The doctor says okay soni listen to me carefully, the state you are in now is needed for a lot of rest. Ill write some medicines for u and he calls the doctor.soni says I am perfectly ok so why are u giving me these. The doctor says because u are fine thatís why I am giving it to you so you stay well all the way. If the mothers health is good then the childs will stay good as well. Soni syas mum child I did not understand. The dctor says you are going to be a mother soni khurana. Soni looks shocked at the doctor. The doctor says ĎU R PREGNANTí . cherry is shocked standing ouside and soni is so happy .the doctor says luks like u have heared this news for the first time. u can tell ur family urself but for now rest ill come to check again . he leaves leaving happy soni behind. She think to herself this good news will be told to veer first and holds her stomach. The doctor comes towards the door and opens it cherry moves to the side.

Cherry comes in to the ward and soni gets up to go give the good news to veer. When she sees cherry they both look at each otherÖ..

Cheery walks in to the room and congratulates soni. Cheery says I heard what the doctor said to u. cheery says why are u standing the doctor said you should rest in this state only, soni says no I am okay I just need to go quickly. Cherry syas go quickly were? Soni says I want to go home and tell veer this happy news. Cherry says oh yeh u have to tell veer this happy news but what do u think soni will veer get happy after listening to this news? Soni says why wont he be he is going to become a father. Cherry says look soni I know this is ur personal matter and I donít have aright to say anything but do u really think after what u did veer will accept this baby. Soni looks up shocked. Cheery says do u think veer will believe this child is his. I donít think so , donít think veer will ever trust u and not will accept this child. Soni says why wont he believe it ? why would veer dot hat ? I know him very well. Cherry says come on soni your not so innocent that you cant understand that the man who did not say anything when u got chucked out of the house will actually believe what u say now u think soni will he believe u he even done not want to see ur face. Donít even bother to step in that house again., never know veer might do it with his own hands this time. u wont be able to tolerate if anybody says something about your child , its in the best interest for u to stay away from veer. Episode ends on sonis shocked face.


Cherry tells veer that soni is pregnant. He is shocked. She says to him what is the guarantee that this child is yours ? he looks at her shocked

credit za7n4b
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