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Default Maayka - 28th may 08 written update


Durga is crying very badly and is blaming soni for the death of veer, while lovely is consoling her and telling her not to cry. Cherry just gives a face as if she does not care. Durga is hitting her self and saying god what have you done with me. Mahi is telling shabd, tayaji and tayiji that tomoroow is the chota and after the way durga masi treated soni I donít think it is right to take her there tomorrow. Shabd says no soni will not go there tomorrow. Parmeet enters the show and calls out jyotis name. Jyoti is shocked to see him there. Behenji rings mahi and tells her soni has disappeared from home. Mahi is shocked and says where could soni go in this state. She then turns her head and is shocked to see soni standing at the entrance like a statue. Everybody is shocked to see her there.

Part 1

Soni walks in to the room while looking at veers picture. Durga sees her and jusyt turns her head. Cherry looks amused to see her. Shabd and mahi are too shocked and are just watching her. Everybody is shocked to see her walking towards veerís picture. She just goes towards in and sits down in front of it. She is silently crying and mahi looks at her with a sad face. Durga sees her and has tears in her eyes and she just says to soni now what have you come to get her? As soon as she says that mahi looks at durga. Durga says to her get out of this house. Soni is just looking at veers pictures. Durga says do you not understand when someone tells you something? Mahi has tears in her eyes because she cant see sonis condition. Durga just says go from here not there is no space for you in this house. Soni is just looking at veers picture with tears in her eyes. Cherry is looking at this with happiness. Durga says I am talking to you can you not hear? Are you deaf? Mahi is looking at durga shocked. Durga says you wont go like this. Durga gets up form her seat and so does mahi quickly. Durga holds sonis hand and tries to drag her out but someone stops her by holding her hand. Durga looks up and sees mahi, mahi says thatís it durga masi, thatís it. She looks so angry . everybody is looking at the scene. Shabd runs towards them to stop further argument . he says thatís it durga masi stop ,understand the moment of time . mahi says you have insulted all of us very badly and not just today lots of times , stop now we cannot tolerate it. Mahi folds her hands in front of durga and says please forgive us. Durga lets go of sonis hand and says what will you do. Mahi says I will take my sister out of this house and I swear upon mata rani that she will never step in this house until I prove that soni is not guilty. Until I donít clear everything I will not let her come in this house. She will only come in this house after you al find out about her innocence. U all will also now how the actual culprit is. Mahi turns her face towards cherry when she says that. I swear that you will come to my house and beg for soni to come back home. But then we will decide if soni will stay with you or not, come on soni . mahi and shabd pick up soni and take her . soni stops at the door and looks at veers picture and cries more. Shabd says lets go soni. Durga just stands there, while they all leave.

At sareen house , soni is making a sketch of the person that tried to kill he, but killed veer. Mahi and shabd are talking to the inspector who says I have started the inspection on veers death , before we were stopped because the khurana family were devastated . now it is essential to find out who the criminal is it is the question of our honour. Mahi looks at soni and looks back sadly the inspector says I understand , mahi has tears coming down her face she says no inspector right now we only want one thing and that is to find out who the criminal is so that they can go through the same state my jiju has gone through. Mahi starts crying even more now and shabds says thatís enough youíve cried a lot, control yourself otherwise who will you control soni. Mahi nods and wipes her tears shabds says inspector veer was more than a brother to me , he was my philosopher, my guide and more than that. I just donít understand who can be the enemy of such a good person. The inspector says that is the question that is bothering all the inspectors mr. Sareen . shabd says I have heard that sometimes a persons goodness becomes their enemy . no inspector their should be no deal to find the criminal of veers death, that person should be in jail as soon as possible, you can ask for any help from us we are available 24/7 please. The inspector says thanks mr. Sareen I just hope that veers family support me like you are, then I am sure we will reach the killer very soon.

The artist is asking soni about the killers ears or any other detail she can remember. She says the person had a beard. The artist ask what colour was it white? She says she cant remember. The artist sketches the eyes and asks soni if they are the same. Soni says yes thatís how they were. The artist says was their any cuttings on the face? Soni shouts I TOLD YOU I DID NOT SEE HIM FROM THAT CLOSE. Mahi turns around and so does shabd, the artist looks at her. Mahi goes towards soni and soni says how many times do you want me to tell you all that cherry did all of this. Mahi says soni please control yourself . soni says mahi please tell them to gets cherry because of her veerÖ. The inspector says I have fully sympathise with you and what you are saying can be true ,t hats why we are asking you questions so that you can tell us something that can be good evidence against the criminal. You have wrote down some important facts about the killer such as the style of walking, the style of sitting and standing, looking style, laughing style, style of talking. Something that is different from others, try to remember. Mahi says try to remember you must have remembered something. Soni remembers flashbacks and shuts her eyes and crying. She moves away from there quickly and goes up the stairs. The inspector says sorry mr. Sareen , I think we are being a bit to hasty . mahi says shabd I will go to soni. Shabd says go. She goes up the stairs while the policemen are leaving. The inspector says so mr. Sareen the way soni has described this picture it is half done and I donít think anyone apart from her has seen the killer anyways we will check in the police record maybe it will match somebodyís. if it matches someone then it will not take me long to reach that person. They inspector leaves.

Part 2

The part starts with jeet looking at the picture of the killer and he says no inspector none of us recognise this picture . the inspctor says mr. Jeet khurana look at this picture carefully, this face could match the killer of your brother. Jeet says we have not seen the killer inspector, by the time we reached their the killer had escaped. The inspector says then you may not be able to help me. The inspector goes to mr. Khurana and says right? Mr. khurana says I wish I knew who is the killer of my innocent child , I would kill them with my own hands. The inspector says we first need to know to wants the death of such a trustworthy officer. Who has an advantage of killing mr. Veer? . mr. Khurana says I just donít understand inspector , we donít know anyone who is the enemy of veer, he was good at making friends with everyone since childhood days. Parmeet walks in while they are talking. The inspector asks who is this? Mr. Khurana says he is our son-in-law parmeet. The inspector nods his head. Mr khurana says he has left all of his work in Canada as soon as he heard about veer. The inspector says then I donít think he know anything about this case. Jeet says no only us inspector all of us donít know anything about this and he has just come to India. Who could kill such a brotherly person. Mr. Khurana holds on to the table as he is about to fall. Jeet says papa. Parmeet says control yourself dad. Parmeet says its true nobody knows anything and who could kill such a person and whoever has done this make sure you donít leave them. Cherry walks down the stairs . parmeet says please inspector give them the worst punishment ever. The inspector says deffinately whoever the killer is will not be able to run away from us for too long. To let you all know that the killers did not want to kill your son but your daughter-in-law soni. Cherry looks up shocked and everybody else is shocked. The inspector says your son just got killed because he went to save his wife but got shot instead. Can you tell me why anybody wants to kill soni khurana. Durga says how would be know , we donít know anything . we donít know what matters soni went in to. Mr. Khurana says look inspector we donít want to talk more about this. Recently we have found out a lot of bad things about soni that decent people do not repeat. This is why veer was more worried these days. Thatís all we know.jeet says this is not true inspector , it is just in their head because nobody knows the real truth. I request you not to come to a conclusion until he picture is clear. The inspector says that is the first thing all inspectors have to do, until the picture is not clear we can not come to a conclusion. Until then we donít held anyone responsible or not responsible. The inspector goes to cherry and says doesnít matter who it is.

Part 3

The inspector then goes up to durga and says I can agree to you that mr. Veer khurana was upset with ms. Soni khurana , so why did he leave the hospital. If his life was in danger then why did he put his life at stake and go to save mrs. soni khurana. If mrs. Soni khurana was involved in another matter then my experience says she should not be worried somebody else should be. Till now we have found out that those people wanted to kill mrs. Soni khurana only but why and who sent them there. Cherry gets scared after hearing this. The inspector goes to cherry and says do you know anything about this mrs. Cherry khurana. Cherry says me no I donít know anything about this ., how would I know. The inspector says on mr. Veer khuranaís chote day mrs. Soni khurana accused you of killing mr. Veer. Cherry says anybody can blame someone else but when another person blames a person , it is very hard to digest it., I still donít understad why soni said all of this about me, I never wanted bad for her. She starts crying and says maybe her mental balance has been messed up from all of this. She says mummyíji why me huh ? durga says inspector we have told you once that we donít know anything about soni and her whereabouts. When she wanted to she would leave the house and when wanted to would come back during this period we donít know what she used to do. Cherry secretively wipes her tears. We are staright forward people, we donít know why someone would want to kill soni. We have lost our child and what is the point in finding out the killer our child wont come back. The inspector goes to jeet and says I am going now and leaves. Jet looks at cherry angrily and she just walks away.

Cherry goes outside and talks to the killer on the phone and says listen take your people and leave this place as soon as possible and if needed leave this country. The guy says what the big issue that ur telling us this, we are hiding and until the matter is cooled down we will not step outside, you donít worry the police will not reach us and if they cant reach us then how will they reach you. Cherry says shut up you idiout, because of you there is so much problems, I told you to kill soni and you killed veer. Soni is walking around freely and donít forget soni has seen your face. If soni makes a sketch of you then they will reach you and then reach me straight after do you understand. Thatís why I am saying leaving quickly. The police have already started making sketches but have not reached your face yet, be lucky they have not, just please leave and make sure you donít leave any clues behind. You can have as much money as you want for this. The man says ok madam. She puts the phone down and turns around and is shocked to see jeet.the episode ends on her shocked face.
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