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Default Maayka - 10th Oct written update

Continuation last scene from yesterday. Mahi tells Soni it is because of

her that Veer survived and she should be there with him. The two have

been destined to be together. Punditjit (where was he all this time btw???)

comes from behind and tells her the same thing and gives a dhaga to tie

around Veer's wrist.

-Mahi and Soni come to the hospital and Mahi tells Soni to go ahead and

she will come in just a second. As Soni is about to go in Durga comes

and stops her telling Soni wahe guru saved Veer and it's Durga's

motherhood that won and not Soni's love. Soni pleads but to no avail.

Durga stomps away to Veer's room and Jeet comes from behind and

taunts Soni saying she deserves all she is getting-referring to how she

broke his heart once and is toying with Veer's emotions. He rants on

about how he would like to tell Veer but can't that the person Veer wants

to spend the rest of his life with is not deserving of his love. Mahi

standing away hears all this.

-Mahi comes and confronts Soni once Jeet leaves. Soni tries to cover up

but can't as Mahi has heard all that Jeet said. She takes Mahi outside and

tells her everything-how she once loved Jeet and the circumstances for

Veer marrying her and what not. Mahi feels bad that she didn't

understand what Soni really wanted-she tells Soni she would've herself

brought Jeet and Soni together. Soni tells Mahi that Veer should never

find out about any of this. She then goes on to tell Mahi that just as Mahi

had once loved Jeet but now loves Shabd the same is true for her too.

She says Jeet is her past but she now belongs to Veer. She takes a

promise from Mahi to keep all of this secret.

-The doc tells the family Veer is resting/recovering-all are going in to see

him except Soni as she asks Mr. K to tie the dhaga to Veer. He tells her

he wish she could tie it herself but she tells him it doesn't matter who

does and he takes it.

-Inside the room all are standing around Veer's bed who is slowly

regaining consciousness. Durga is telling Veer she is by him and asks

him to open his eyes-Veer mutters Soni's name over and over again (Soni

'jaap' returns!!!). Durga looks out at Soni who is standing by the door

looking through the window. Veer keeps muttering her name and the doc

asks who this Soni is. Lovely tells him that Soni is Veer's wife---the doc

says Soni should be here with Veer then. Mr. K tells Lovely to get Soni as

Durga looks on purely irritated.

-Lovely goes and tells Soni that Veer is asking for her and brings her in.

Soni comes and sits by Veer on the otherside (opposite of Durga). She

touches his hand and calls his name and he slowly opens his eyes to first

see her. Durga's expressions-classic!!! Veer looks around at all the

family who are relieved to see him well and awake (except Durga who is

too pre-occupied with evil-glaring at Soni). Lovely and Tayiji tell Veer abt

all that Soni had done the previous night-Tayiji says devi maa listening to

Soni's prayers and Lovely tells Veer that Soni spent all night praying to

devi maa for him. The doc also chimes in agreeing. Veer looks towards

Soni. Mr. K gives Soni the dhaga to tie and she does so as Durga and Jeet

look on with absolute disgust. Soni finishes tying it and wraps her hands

around Veer's hand. Veer thanks her as Durga looks on in total disbelief.

Preview: Durga is asking Soni to get khichadi (with loads of ghee) for


***That last scene today was an invisible tamacha on Durga's face-she

had only touched Soni's cheeks but I think today got to Durga to the

core!!! Veer asked for Soni-he opened his eyes on Soni's calling and

not her calling-she tied the dhaga with everyone watching on.

Couldn't do anything but helplessly watch.

Credit: Pyariladki
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