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Default 12th January 2009 KS written update


The show starts with where Jai saw the knife being tossed at Bani and he run towards her to safe her but then Veer came in between and the lady runs.Veer ask Jai to catch Meera who is running away and Pia were shocked to see him stabbed.

The security comes and tells Jai that Meera has been caught and Bani is safe and the whole family was shocked.The doctor came and bandaged Veer and told everyone that Veer is fine soon.Jai then says that do you all know now why did I was against with party?The family then ask him back why didn't him tell them about that so that they can cancel the party.

Jai then says he is sorry because after a long time they were happy and he don't want anybody terrifed and the knife should hit me instead of Veer.Jigyasa was siting beside Veer when he opens his eyes and he asked her did she liked his plan?

Jigyasa then starts yelling at him and tells him that if anything had happened to Jai she will made so many pieces on Veer(hahaha)Veer ask her to relax and tells her that the knife was meant for him not Jai.Jigyasa then tells him that she don't understand what is he trying to do.Veer tells that this is not a act and what he does is reality for everyone.

Veer tells her again that since you know the truth but not the family and you won't be able to understand but for them it was a big sacrifice and now I am high in front of their eyes.He tells her again that I won't die this easily and we have lots of things more to do and we should destroy Bani.Jigyasa says the same thing that they have to destroy Bani but nothing should happen to Jai.

Bani tells Jai that she is very disappointed with him and she asked him why didn't he tells her about it.Jai tells her that you've done a lot for me all these years without telling me anything and now you're scolding me.(hehehe)Then they tells each other that they'll not keep or hide anything from each another and say KASAMH SE.

Rishi was sleeping on the bed and he holds her hand and she is watching him sleeping,there was a flashback scene where she remembers the time they had together from starting till the end.


Shonali is with Vicky and gave him a cup of coffee to drink,and he looked upset.He says why does she'll never leaves us alone?What she wants from us?Veer tells Shonali that this family never looked at me as Meera's son but their own and she is ruining it for me.

He tells again that the family gave him lots of love,why can't we choose our parents?If yes I would have chosen Bani as my mom.Shonali then scolds him that if you said this in front of Bani she'll fell bad about it and she tells him that Bani thinks him as her own son.

Veer is trying to get water and Pia then helps him with that.Pia says what if anything happen to him while saving Bani?Veer then tells her that he would never forgive himself if something had happen to her.Pia tells him that if Pushkar was here today he'll be proud of him and Veer has shown his values in him today.

Veer tells her that even though he is not her but I will live by his morals.Pia then hugs him and Adi says that well everything end well because of Meera and Veer first step is done.You got your mom back.

Bani and Jai tells him that you've filled the void that Pushkar left in this family.


Adi says that New Year was bad,you get so many messages but the messages that we are waiting for he didn't get.He tells that he is waiting for Ranveer's message but no and he asked Rashi about it and she said even she is trying but no luck.Ranveer then calls and everyone started to looked happy.

Everyone was talking to him on the phone and Jigyasa says that she was missing him and he told her that he'll be back soon.Jai tells everyone about his New Year resolution that he'll retire and be with Bani and the kids and Adi was surprise.(hehehe).

Jai says that he have thought he'll give responsibilty to the kids and he says that he want to spend time with the family and he wants to do the things that he missed before.Adi tells him that there are kids.Jai tells him that even we were kids when we started and you were the one who were there to oversee them.Adi then agreed with him.

Jai goes to his room and helps Bani with her work and tells her that Vicky and Varun will take care of the work and Veer and Jigyasa are evesdropping.Jai tells that he wants to give 5O%of the hotel to Veer.Jigyasa looked unhappy and Bani agreed with him by saying that he should get his share.

Veer and Jigyasa then walked away from there,and Veer looked satisfied as his work is getting fruit and Jigyasa says that nothing like that will happen.

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12th, 2009, january, update, written

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