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Default 14th November 2007 KS written update

The episode starts with where it ended yesterday. Meera is introduced as Jai’s wife and he couldn’t care less. He just wants to get out of there and excuses himself. Meera goes after him and even calls out to him but he doesn’t respond and keeps going. Bani, Maasi and Ganga are having lunch with Daksh when he says that Ganga should go to Mumbai and study since she is intelligent and he will pay for it entirely. He realises what he said apologizes. Bani, Maasi and Ganga are seeing Daksh off. The thakurain comes there and tells her that today and Maasi tells her that today is a festival and she should leave them alone at least today. The thakurian says that since it is a festival it is all the more reason she should get her money back since she doesn’t have any money to buy anything for herself! She tells Bani to give her the rent by 8 in the evening.

Bani is in a dilemma as to how she would return the money and get so much money from. Just then the thakurians husband comes and tells her that there is a big wedding in the family of a business tycoon from Mumbai going to be held in Meerut since the boy is from here. He tells her that all she has to do is impress the event manager Dubey (such a rip off from Monsoon Wedding!) and get the contract.

Back in Mumbai Karuna has called Jigyasa up and she tells her about the marriage of her daughter. She says that they have booked an event manager there who will look into all the preparations and she should finish her meetings and rush there fast. Karuna then requests Jigyasa to convince Jai to make an appearance since the marriage’s face will change with him being there. Jigyasa says that it is a calk walk for her and she would do it as Jai is in her control (Whatever!)

They show Dubey being introduced, he is semi bald paan eating man. Everyone is trying to impress him some way or the other, some with paan, some with their clothes, some with food. Just then Ganga comes with a thali of food and tells him to try it. He says he is looking at catering from a hotel not from a dhaba. She then replies back saying people in hotels just over charge, the best food is the food a mother prepares and this her mother and her grandmother have made. He tries the food and is highly impressed with it and tells her to call her mother as the contract is theirs.

Bani is praying and reading out some Mantra’s. Ganga comes and tells her to go meet him and Bani, at the insistence of Ganga and Maasi, leaves without completing the pooja. Dubey gives her 10,000 advance and just then the thakurain comes and starts with how the dhaba uses old utensils, municipality water and there are insects hovering over. She then takes him to the dhaba and shows him around and he is shocked. The thakurain doesn’t leave any stone unturned to bring the dhaba down. Bani and Ganga just stand there. Dubey takes the advance back and says that he will not give the catering order to a place where the mosquitoes eat the food before them and leaves.

The thakurian tells herself that there are just 2 hours remaining and that Bani would be unable to do anything in this little time. Bani tells Maasi that she doesn’t know what to do and how to arrange money in such little time. Maasi tells her to have faith and some angel will come help them. Bani says that even they shy away from them now.

Just then a certain Mr. Srivastva lands at Bani’s doorstep giving her money he owed her previously. She immediately gives the money to the thakurian who is also present there. Her husband says that even on the darkest nights, a small ray of light can lighten up the sky. He then says the hanuman chalisa and leaves.

The thakurian and a girl named Bijli are talking and she tells Bijli that she wants Bani to leave since the house is worth atleast 10,000 a month rent and here Bani pays 4000 that too not on time. She says she had planned to kick her out, but she payed up. She then tells Bijli something in her ears.

Maasi is off to haridwar for a day and Bani tells her to take some money with her for the journey, Maasi declines but Bani is adamant and tells her that anyway it is time for the dhaba to open so something will come in and she has a little with her also.

Bijli comes and tells Bani that the thakurian has called her right now and Ganga asks what they have done now and calls her a khadoos. (Good actress this girl!) Bani goes and she is given a push and ends up falling at the open safe, which makes it look like she was taking something from there. Just then the thakurian comes and says that she is thief and has taken her jewellery and no wonder she came when the thakurian wasn’t there. Bani tries explaining but the thakurian is in no mood to listen!

Credit: Shruti
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14th, 2007, november, update, written

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