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Default 9th November 2007 KS written update

* It starts off with Jai draggin Bani out the and Throwing her.. and Jai asks how many times have you slept with him.. and asks where u with him when the kids were kisnapped [its raning!] n Jai blames her for the kids dying.. Bani then Shouts at him sayin u killed them.. he goes to hit Bani and dkash saves him and Daksh gets hit from Jai.. Bani tells Daksh to leave.. and Jai tells her to go too.. OMG!! Jai says Bani is not even a woamn instead a vaysha and tells her to go.. get lost.. Nattu backs Bani up but Jai says you go tooo.. Jai pushes Bani and Masui catches her.. Masui and Jai have a head to headMausi says Bani is the sita of the house.. Jai says Bani is sleeping around and she SLAPs him... and Masui pushes him OMG! EXCELLENT ACTING!!!
Mausi says Bani wont be back and you will not be able to live without her... and says she will go and cuses him sayin Masii willnot live here too.. and Jai says you go too to mausi.... Jai says hes the old JW and when Bani dies tell him the news he wants to celebrate....
Bani runs off and they notice the ram sita idols cracked... and Jigs with the black magic lady is laffin..
* Jai lights everything of Banis.. meera arrives.. and JW says Bani is dead.. so is Banis JW.. and now im the JW before.. Meera tells Jai he may be mistaken and he vents on her sayin she is nothing and this is his life.. dont interfere.. he tells the family Bani is dead.. if you dont like it then leave!
Jigs tells meera that no one can do anything.. just leave him..
* Bani is at the train station.. and remembers Jais wrds.. and she fainty like and falls... the people help her get in the train.. maudi is at the statiion looking for Bani.. but Bai is sleepin on this other woman.. aww thats nyc of the lady
* Jigs says to the black magic lady that shes happy that she won.. etc etc.. and Jigs says she isnt that happy as teh story isnt over and says she is still alive how can she be happy... Jigs asks the Mayi to use her pwoers so that Bani commits suicide.. [IMG]http://**********************/smileys/smiley5.gif[/IMG]
* jigs goes to find pic of Bani but Jai brunt it all but wah la amoungt the rubble Jigs finds a pic...
* Mausi goes to Dakshs house and she syas he cant go to JWs house, and says she cant find Bani.. and says wonders what has happened to her..

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2007, 9th, november, update, written

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