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Default Kasam Se 29th October written update

The episode starts with Maasi getting ready to leave for her pilgrimage. Everyone is saying their goodbyes when she says that she is leaving with the hope that she sees the happiness and satisfaction present in everyone's eyes even when she gets back. She says she is going to pray for everyone's well being and for keeping the family together.

Ranveer comes and says that Jai needs to sign a few papers. Jai tells him to come to office to get them signed but citing that they are very urgent and of an important tender he convinces Jai. Jai starts to read them, scaring Ranveer, when Maasi interupts and says that she will go to the station on her own and he needn't come. Jai is adamant and Aditya (i preferred Jatin!) tells Jai that he has read the papers. Without reading Jai signs them and along with Bani goes to drop Maasi.

Before leaving Maasi asks Dadi if she would like to come but Dadi says that old people go for all this and she is yet very young. In a happy atmosphere everyone leaves.

At the station Maasi tells Jai and Bani that she is happy to see the love and belonging in their eyes and she hopes to see it remain this way. Jai tells her that he has once made a mistake but never again and he will not let any misunderstandings come in between them (little does he know!). He goes to get water when Bani tells Maasi that she is feeling very bad about lying to Jai like this.

Ranveer tells himself that atlast he got what he has been striving for. After working like a dog for the company and not getting anything, he will now show everyone what he can do. He says that no one takes him for granted. Raashi see's all thisa nd confronts him, when Ranveer tells her that he is doing all this for the good of the family. She obviously doesn't believe her and tells him that she will bring him out in the open as how could he do this to Jai, the man who has been with him all his life. Ranveer hands her the papers and tells her that he will prove that his intentions are noble and calls her to Devi Ma's pt. the next morning.

Bani over hears Ranveer tell a man over the phone about killing a woman from his own family and how the murder should be done. He also instructs the killer to take the papers with him and make sure there isn't any problem. Bani goes to see who was talking but she misses Ranveer. She is in a dilemma as to who it was since she couldn't recognise the voice (how can she not know it was Ranveer's voice!!!)

At the office, Meera asks Jai, when he says he is very happy, whether his problems are solved. He immediately becomes angry and tells her that she has no right to ask him such a personal question. He then starts laughing and tells her that he was just checking if people yet get scared of him. He tells her how people used to be scared of him before and used to stop talking when he passed and how he was a man of a very serious nature but when Bani came she changed him. He tells Meera that he knows what all has happened and it is bad but she should take life lightly and enjoy a bit and that there will be someone who will once again make her happy. He tells her he will drop her home and to think about all he said.

Bani is praying to the Tulsi plant when the kids come and ask her why this is done, she tells them it is to get rid of all the evil and bad. Innocently the kids say that they will also pray starting today.

Bani is on her way to the shrine/point and Dhanraj calls telling her that he has booked the hotel in Khandala where Daksh and Anamika got married and that all arrangements would be done by tomorrow. When Bani announces her apprehension he tells her that he will do anything to get his son back to his original self and she should never forget that.

Bani reaches the point right in time, and pushes the man with the knife away. He gets up and pushes her down on the ground and moves forward to attack Raashi who is pleading for her life. Bani gets up again and pushes the man, who slides down the hill. They then set up and Raashi acts as if she is dead. Ranveer comes and says that he is srry that she had to die but he couldn't help it. He says that he had always heard women were stupid, today Raashi proved it. He goes to pull the papers from her hands but is unable to. She gets up and tells him she is not dead and he is surprised. Bani enters and tells him that she heard all his talks the previous night and told Raashi about the same. He takes the papers and tears them, telling her that she won't be able to prove anything.

Bani tells him that she isn't so stupid and Jai, Aditya and Jigyasa also land up at the site. Jigyasa goes to tell Ranveer something but Aditya stops her and tells her that today he will talk. He tells Ranveer he never expected this and when Ranveer says that it is unfair that he doesn't get anything, Aditya tells him that he should have just asked and Jai would have transferred all the property in his name. He slaps Ranveer and when Ranveer holds his fathers hand and tries to slap him, Jigyasa gets wild and holds his hand telling him how dare he do that. She in turn slaps Ranveer a number of times and tells him how dare he try kill Raashi who is bringing her Sahil back to life. Ranveer tells them that he will try kiling Raashi again and no one can stop him because she is his wife and if any one interferes he will kill them too. Jai tries to stop Jigyasa but to no avail. The police come and take Ranveer away.

Jai tells Raashi that from now on she will live with them as their daughter and not as their daughter in law and Aditya and Jai take her away.

Bani tries pacifying Jigyasa but she is instead shown her place. Jigyasa tells her that how dare she do anything of that sort and that she had no right and could have given Ranveer another chance. She says that Ranveer has seen a lot since childhood. After hers and Aditya's divorce he vowed not to marry but was forced to marry Raashi and when he started falling for her, she left and such things have always happened to him. Bani tells her that she could not way have let Ranveer back stab Jai to which she says that he would never do that and he deserves everything since he ahs worked equally hard in the Company since he was a teenager but given no more status than that of an employee.

Jigyasa challenges Bani once again and vows to ruin her and everything by Diwali.

Episode Ends.

Written by Shruti
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29th, kasam, october, update, written

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