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Default Kasam Se - 13th September written update

Promo- It was shown 5 minutes before the episode. They showed a clip right from the beginning of the KS when the 3 sisters hug and then walk off in different directions. Then Bani is shown before her father's pic asking his forgiveness for her decision.

As for the update

Episode begins with Maasi looking for Raashi in her room but not finding her anywhere. She asks Adi and Dadi if they've seen her and tells Bani that Raashi is not in the house. Jigz pipes in saying that yesterday Raashi was influenced by the Mt Abu outsiders, today she must've come to her senses and gone rushing back to her husband. Maasi tells Jigz to shut up if she cannot help and Jigz retorts that she has no interest in the woman who is the cause of her son leaving the house. Bani says she'll call Rano and ask.

Rano is seen discussing Pia with the doctor and he tells her that if Pia is taken someplace where she had happy memories her recovery could be speedier. Rano then thinks that the only place which holds happy memories for all 3 of them is Mt Abu but wonders whether Bani will agree( To what??) Bani calls asking if Raashi is with her, and Rano says no. Just then she sees Raashi walking in a daze in the hospital corridor, and she informs Bani who is relieved. Rano goes to Raashi and asks her what the matter is and Raashi hands over her reports, Rano looks at them and looks shocked.( Same ole pregnancy story, Yawn)

Jai is getting ready for his meeting and tells Bani that he's worried about Raashi, and Bani tells him that Raashi is coming home with Rano. Bani notices Jai's button is torn and stitches it while Jai blushes and looks lovingly at her. Alas PD's body doubles all the way but RK carries it off. Jai then tells Bani that he's a little nervous, all his life he's heard the presentations of others and this is his first presentation. Bani reassures him that he's heard so many that he's an expert at presentations, and she's sure he'll be successful. She tells him the best of intentions always meet with success and even tho he might not believe in the custom, she feeds him a spoonful of dahi. Very sweet scene.

Jai arrives at the meeting venue where a party is happening, and the guards refuse to let him in without an invite. He says that he's there to meet a Mr Bhatnagar and to tell him that Jai Walia would like to meet him. Just then Bani's old boss( the guy who'd offered her money last year to leak WI secrets) comes and reintroduces himself and tells the guards to let him in. Bani sees JW has left behind his presentation file and tries to call him but gets no response, she goes to the venue and requests the guards to let her in to hand over the file and goes in.

Jai goes to the man he's come to meet and apologises for gatecrashing his party but said that since so many businessmen are in attendance he would like the chance to make a presentation in case someone likes his proposal. The man refuses sayinng that its a private party and not the right place. Just then Bobby Bhonsle( the ex boss) walks up and reminds JW that once Jai had slapped him and thrown him out of a party, but now times have changed and he's a tycoon while JW is broke. He says I'm not like you and will give you a hearing. Bani is standing to one side and listening. Jai begins his presentation and after some time BB shuts his laptop saying that its a lousy presentation. He then proceeds to insult JW saying that this was the man who used to throw people's presentations back in their faces, now he's helpless and broke. He tells the waiter to get a katora and signs a cheque to put in it and tells the others to contribute. Bani stands there with tears in her eyes. As Jai quietly picks up his comp and is leaving, BB stps him asking where his wife is and whether JW has sent her somewhere else to solicit funds. Jai loses his cool and grabs his collar and BB says that even tho JW is penniless he's still full of attitude. He tells Jai to get out.

Bani rushes out so that Jai doesn't see her. He notices Bani's missed call and calls her and tells her that b'coz of her good wishes he's been successful, and that he'll come home and celebrate. Bani also tells him that she knew he wouldn't fail. He drives off.

Adi is trying to call Ranveer and Jigz tells him to stop his fake concern coz he's a father to the 3 sisters not his own blood. He tells her to stop spewing venom and says that he's awareof his duties as a father and wished Jigz had been a proper mother. Jigz asked him where his concern for his son was the previous day when everyone threw Ranveer out, she saysthat the unluckiest children are those whose parents ignore them, but as long as Jigz is alive Ranveer doesn't need his father. She reminds Adi that Ranveer has done much for the business and married Raashi for a pregnant Anu's sake. All was forgotten for one mistake.

Bani is walking back and the scene of Jai's insulting is playing out in her head. She thinks that Jai has always gives her shelter and protection and she has always been the cause of his troubles. She's feeling very guilty and thinking why he's so good to her and is always forgiving her. Jai on the other hand is driving back and wondering how he'll face Bani after all he told her to have faith in him and that for a woman her man is her provider and protector. He stops and the screen splits into two with JB and their horrible new song playing.

Sorry for delay in video, hopefully will be available tmrw
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