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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhann - 8th January 09 written Update

The scene starts with a little repeat of yesterday where Divya is talking in Amar. Divya says that your eyes say how much you love me, why do you keep away from me. Amar replies saying that I cant stay away from you either. They both start crying. Amar says that he cant live without her. Divya says that she promises she wont leave him in the middle of the road and hugs him. Divya thinks to herself that how should she explain to Amar what I have done and Amar will know everything in time.

Aniket is greeting the guests. Gauri is walking and Choti Ma tells her to leave the plate and Chandra tells Gauri to do just as much as she is told. Chandra tells her to stay an outsider and not try to become a part of the family. Divya is walking and her saree gets stuck somewhere. She thinks Amar is holding on to it, but realizes that its not him. Amar takes the saree out for her. They both are staring at each other and Gauri walks in. Divya notices her. Divya goes to talk to her. Divya asks her why her face is so down. Gauri says that nothing happened, she is just tired. Divya agrees and says that Gauri works too much. Amar intervenes and tells Divya that its very late and she should go rest.

Bharat goes to talk to his mother. His mother asks him if everything is ready for the wedding. She asks him about Aditi's mangalsutra. She says she is happy that Bharat is starting to do everything by himself. Bharat asks her what happened. She says nothing, nothing is left to talk already have done everything. She says that she needs to get ready to leave. She says that his wedding and her train are at the same time. She says she will leave an hour before. Bharat is standing shocked through all this. She says by the time he will get on his horse, her train would have left. She starts packing.

Gauri is remembering what Choti Ma and Chandra told her. Just then the diya goes out. She says to Shiv Ji that it seems like everyone has lost happiness because of her. She says that Divya is going against everyone and helping her give her wifely duties. She says it seems like Divya needs her help but she doesnt know how to help Divya. She asks Shiv Ji to help her and tell her if Divya really needs her help. Should she stay here? The diya lights up again. Gauri gets her answer.

Aditi remembers Bharat's mom telling her to leave Bharat's life. Divya walks into her room and calls her. Divya says that she was looking for everywhere in the house. Divya says that why she is so sad. Aditi says that I dont think Bharat is happy because his mother did not bless their wedding. Divya tells her to not think about these sad things. Aditi says she cant stop thinking especially when Bharat;s mother wont even come to give her blessing at their wedding. Aditi says her mother-in-law is not accepting can she be happy? Divya puts down the plate she was carrying and picks up a mirror and shows Aditi her face. Aditi says that her eye liner is all messed up now. Divya says its not messed up, but Shabunath Ji has blessed her by saving her from anyone who will disrupt her future happiness. Divya says that Bharat's mother will stay here and give you both her blessing. Aditi asks her how that can happen. Divya says to have patience and hope, she says that she knows Bharat...his love for his mother wont go to waste. He will stop his mother.

Divya is getting ready and remembering her latest conversation with Amar. She smiles then and Amar walks from behind and sees her that way. He walks to her and just then she turns around and almost bumps into him. They both hug. Divya says she felt like hugging him because she doesnt know when...and then stops. Amar asks her what she meant. She changes the subject and tells him that she didnt know when she will be able to catch him again. She says that someone will call her and then she has to work for the wedding. She doesnt know when she will see him from this close. He smiles and they hug but she is almost crying.

Bharat's mom is about to leave and sees no one around. All the lights go out. Bharat comes in and tells her that there will be no wedding. She drops her bag in shock. Bharat says at least not in the way most weddings take place. Without her, this wedding will take place just like this...with no festivities or happiness. With the wedding being held this way, he says she can think how his future life will be. She walks toward him and tells him that he knows why she is doing this. Why is he talking like this? Bharat says what else can he say...what should he say that he gets everything. The real mother just gave him birth but never really loved him. He got that love from her....his mother now. Then when he asks for her love today....why is he not getting it? He says that how can she be so stubborn after fulfilling all his wishes? He begs her to give him her blessing. He starts crying in her lap.

Precap: Amar is asking Divya what she wants from him. That he sit with her and talk to her and share his life with her? He says if thats what she wants then she can forget it...thats not possible. Divya is worried.
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