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Default Saat phere 13th nov written update

Samar's house

Narpat samar and kaveri sit to start a laxmi pooja. Narpat misses ambika and says this is the first diwali ambika is not here and he misses her very much.kaveri interupts him saying papaji aspiscious time (muhurat) will end soon as if she is unhappy. Narpat says: ok let us begin. Sorry mataji this is the first time I am doing laxmi pooja without ghar ki laxmi. Ambika walks in and says: that can never happen even if I go on moon. i will return for this day and i can only feel happy with my family. Narpat samar and kaveri gets up and rushes to ambika. ambika bows to narpat. Samar kaveri bows and hugs ambika. Ambika says :i miss saloni and shubhra. i don't know how saloni is handling being pregnent without me.

Kaveri tries to say: mummiji do you know what saloni di do? Samar cuts her off saying: mumi we try to take care of di but it is not same without you. kaveri let us go and get silver coins. samar scolds kaveri and says keep quiet. Do not tell mummy anything or her heart will break. kaveri vows to tell Ambika everything about saloni and break her heart. They come out and do a pooja.

At brijesh's house they also are doing pooja. saloni tries to take aarti thali. Tara holds it and do aarti. saloni and Nahar both looks sad. Nahar looks at saloni now and then. After aarti tara gives every one aarti then gives saloni last. saloni prays and says: mataji please protect my family from all the evils and perils. saloni tries to take diya thali and says I wil put diyas everywhere in the house. Tara tells her no saloni this work is not worthy of you. adiiti tells vrinda to take diya thali and put diyas everywhere. Saloni looks sad. Ishan asks to go and light firecrackers. every one is leaving ignoring saloni. Nahar asks saloni to join.

Next morning on bhai duj every one is smiling when aditi does pooja of brijesh and tara. Brijesh blesses her. Aditi puts tilka on Nahar and saloni walks in and sits down next to nahar. Aditi refuses to put tilak on saloni. Nahar asks her to forgive saloni and put tilak. Aditi scolds him saying: how can you close your eyes on saloni's beahvior and how she insulted every one her?. i will not put tilak and that is final. Nahar says no matter what I will support saloni EVEN IF YOU ALL ARE AGAINST HER as she is my wife and I have taken a vow to support her when i took saat phere and i will obey that.

Aditi walks away. saloni to walks away. Bhabho comes and asks aditi to go back and do tilak. Tara comes and supports aditi saying saloni has insulted everyone and enough is enough it is time to teach her lesson. Dheer asks aditi to do tilak. adti refuses. Dheer walks aout saying I just wanted peace int his house that's all (how funny aag lagane wala aag bujhane ko kahe raha hai)

saloni is crying in the room. Nahar comes in and saloni wipes her tears. nahar sits on the floor next to her and says saloni plz do not worry it is not good for you or the baby. Now cheer up and go to Samar. he must be waiting for you. I will convince our family to forgive you and accept you. saloni says she does not want to go anywhere. Nahar says: no saloni you must go as samar is your brother and brothers have only 2 days . Rakhi and bhai duj. Nahar leaves.

kunjan's house

Shubra asks kujnjan to go to samar's as today is bhai duj. Kunjan says: you can only go if you will leave your tries to reconcile with papaji. shubhra promises. shubhra takes mithai . Padma asks why are you taking so much mithai. Shubhra says samar likes home made mithai very much and leaves.

Samar is leaving for the office. Ambika stops him saying you can't go today is bhai duj and shubhra and saloni will come to do tilak. samar says sorry mom I forgot. plz call shubhra and salonidi and ask them to come quickly. samar then takes kaveri inside and tells her to keep quiet about saloni as saloni is coming there and not to do any drama and hurt ambika. kaveri vows to let ambika know about all the bad things saloni did with her family and she smiles.

shubhra reaches gaj paratpsingh's house and give him mithai. He is happy and says it reminded him of old diwali times. shubhra is talking and ambika calls: shubhra says she will be there shortly she is just leaving.

Saloni is sad and leaving the house. Bhabho stops her saying where are you going? saloni says at samar's as today is bhai duj. Bhabho tells her you can not go empty handed and brings her mithai dabba and tells her to be happy. saloni says to her self crying: bhabho I insulted you so much and you still care for me.

Kunjan calls ambika and asks her to talk to shubhra.( i think he is checking up on her) Unaware Ambika says; funny shubhra just called and said she is coming over here from your house. she is not here yet. Kunjan says to himself: I am sure where shubhra is.

Precap: Nahar tells brijesh and tara: A child is coming in this world to call you mama and papa. as soon as the baby is born i will give baby to you 2.

credit: ramas
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