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Default Saat Phere - 28th August written update

28th.August. Updates..Hum Saath saath hain..

Hello friend, Set_raj here again, Wish you all a Happy-Raksha-Bandhan day. Today's episode was quite revealing and interesting, Saloni is getting closer to Abhi. I have titled it Hum saath saath hain...Cos of Saloni, Nahar and Bhabho's unity.

Abhi gets up and goes away. MB gets looks at Saloni and tells that are you happy now?. Kaveri taunts Saloni by sayin,''this thing has become common in our house that during breakfast, lunch and dinner we sit all together but we gets up without eating anything. Ambica and Samar are quite and looking at each other.(kaveri lagta hai tumhari mom ne karele khaa kar aur Neem ka juice peekar tumko janam diya hai, isliye hamesha kadwaa bolti ho)

MB's room:-

MB is sitting and thinking, Saloni comes there and says,''I made you upset again, but i din't want to hurt Abhi or make him angry, please forgive me for it MB and i dint mean it. PLease forgive me MB.''

MB-''How many times you will say sorry and how many times you will commit mistakes? I dont want my son Abhi to get upset or loose his anger and i dont want to loose him either. Saloni i dont want that anybody should try to take away my happiness or harm Abhi, as i have got my Abhi after so many years, i wont spare the person even if he or she is dear to me.'' (MB tum bhi naa ache khayaali pulav banati ho, jab sachai ka pata chalegaa toh Abhi jail mein Papad belegaa aur tum?..chullu bhar paani mein....)

MB leave from there and Saloni is says to herself,'' How much faith and love you have for your son Abhi, i dont know how you are going to react MB when you will come to know his truth, but i have to prove that to everyone, cos Abhi has confessed himself to me. MB, the truth has to come and i dont know then how you will feel about it..I am sorry MB.''(Mrs.karamchand jasoos tumbhi na jiske padhti ho, uski naiyya doobho deti ho, usko toh bhoot bhi nahi bacha sakte)


Bhabho calls Pia and tells her about Raksha-Bandhan. Pia replies,''Bhabho i cannot come since you know the situation and i dont want to hurt Abhi's feeling, i am very happy here with my in-laws and they love me a lot and i dont want to hurt mummy jee's feeling too.'' MB is listening her conversation.(MB bad habit..Evesdroppping is bad habit..ache bache aisa nahi karte hain)

Pia continues that dont worry bhabho i will send the rakhi through someone and i dont want to ruin my happiness. I hope you can understand.''

--End of Part One--

Kaveri's room:-

Nikita is crying and Kaveri is holding her, but she still cries, Kaveri gets angry and puts her on the bed and says''chupp ho jaa, i am not going carry you all the time, i dont know from where i got this musibat.'' She shouts at her goes out. Nikita doesnt stop crying, Saloni comes there and seeing no one around her she takes her and try to consoles her. Ginni comes there and Saloni tells her that Nikita was about to fall from her bed, where were you? You should take proper care of her. (Kaveri tum sach mein bhatakti Aatma ho, or Pretatma ho, jo bachon per bhi dayaa nahi aati hai..)

Ginni holds Nikita and thanks Saloni for saving her from falling down, she says,''Thank you Saloni di, you saved the life of my daughter, i dont what wudhv happened if you were not on time?

Saloni;_''Your daughter?.''she is shocked.

Ginni is stunned also cos she spill the truth, but thn control herself and she says,''''Sorry Saloni di, i am taking care of Nikita so she is like my daughter, Sethani (kaveri) is not taking care properly, she only knows how to stand in front of mirror and do make up or go the parties and shopping.''(haan sethani ko sirf make-up karna hi aata hai, do kilo maida face per lagaane mein time lagta hai na Ginni..)

Kaveri comes there and she shouts Ginni that she doesnt look after Nikita. Saloni goes from there.

Ginni gets angry and threatens her that if anything happen to Nikita, she wont spare her and expose her in front of everybody.

Kaveri tells,''You were in worst condition and i helped you, now you are creating the problems for me, i will not tolerate all this nonsense.''

Ginni,'' listen sethani, you needed the baby, so i helped you, if you want to harm me or my child thn i will also not spare you.'' Saloni comes there and seeing them arguing, asks Kaveri,'' why Ginni is talking like that with you?.'' Is everything fine?. Kaveri says yes Saloni di, i was just talking about Nikita and telling her to take care of her. Saloni leaves and Ginni also. Kaveri is thinking that Saloni di i have no problems with her, but this Ginni, i have to do something, she is like bone stuck in my throat, neither i can swallow nor i can take it out.''(Woh hai toh Mrs. Neem-kareli, koi toh chaahiye tumhein seedha karne ke liye.Hailaa.. Tum bhi laal saree pahenkar khadi ho gayi Saand ke saamne, like a matador.)

Nahar's room;_

Nahar is sitting in his room and thinking about Saloni. A song is played ''Main yahan, tu wahan,'' they are showing romantic scenes of Nahar and saloni. Bhabho comes to Nahar and ask him what is he thinking about?.Nahar tells her,''Bhabho, i am worried about saloni, she is alone there and no one is supporting her, i know how she must going through it.(alele.cho chweety chweety..Mr.Devdas..)

Bhabho replies,'' Nahar you know Saloni and she is very strong and has faces many problems, even this one also, so you dont worry about her.'' She feeds him.(bhabho Saloni is like Jhansi ki raani, or lady James bond..sab ko theek karti hai)

Samar's house;_

Pia and Abhi are coming from the stairs, Abhi tell her to go for shopping. MB comes behind them and ask Pia, where is she going? Abhi replies that Pia is going for shopping. MB gaves money to Pia and ask her what is going to buy?..Pia ask her favorite color, Abhi tells that she has her fav.thing. MB says to Abhi that this is between mother and daughter, so you dont interfere. They goes out, Saloni is standing there and MB looks at her and goes inside her room.

Someone brings the clothes and Saloni gets it, she ask about the payment, but the guy says that he gets monthly. Saloni goes into Abhi's room to keep the clothes. Suddenly she sees some papers and reads it. Abhi and Pia are about to open the car, Abhi remembers something and tells Pia that he has forgot the keys in his room, so they both goes back to take the keys.(Haay daiyaa Saloni maiyaa, jaldi karo, bhootnath bhaiyaa aa raha hai...)

--End of Part Two--

Saloni is busy reading the papers and she is thinks that these are property papersand i think this what Tauji gave to Abhi that night. Who is this Shekhar Sharma? never heard about him and how is he connected with the property. Saloni is about to leave the room, Abhi and Pia enters and seeing Saloni in his room, he gets angry and asks what she is doing in his room?What do you want Saloni and why you are in my room?..Saloni is tensed and nervous to see them all of sudden. Ginni comes there and saves her by saying that i told Saloni di i will clean the room , dont' trouble yourself.(Arre wah re gangu bai, tune toh kamaal kar diya....shabash ginni,Mr.Bhootnath ko ullu bana diya....waise hai bhi ullu...)

Pia tells Saloni,''Bhabhi sa, you should not do these kind of works, let Ginni do it.'' she takes the keys and both of them leaves the room.

Ginni comes inside and thinks that Abhi doesnt seems to be a nice guy, he must have raped Pia, but what i have to do?..these rich people have their own lifestyle and can do anything.

Saloni comes to Ginni and thanked her for saving her on right time. Ginni replies that i know you are a nice and helpful person thats why i helped you, even God help them those who help others, but trust me Saloni, if Kaveri was i your place i wud have never helped her, she is not a good human being. She praises Saloni.(Arre Saloni maiyaa, yeh gangu bai bade kaam ki hai..wah..uii maa lekin Mrs.Neemkareli(kaveri) ki kabhi help nahi karna..)


Saloni is in temple with Nahar. He is reading the property papers and tells her that Saloni these papers proves one thing, that Abhi is here for some other purpose and we have to find out about it. Saloni says,'' Nahar, i am also anxious to know about his motive, what are his intentions?. I will expose him and prove this soon.(Shabash Mrs. Saloni Bond..jaldi se bhootnath ko expose karke asli sasuraal (jail)mein bhej do..)

Nahar:-''i know someone in USA embassy, he is my friend, i will give the details of Abhi and we will come to know in few days his whole history, what he is doing in US and his background, everything about him.'(Wah mere rasgulley, mere moti-choor ke ladoo..tum bhi jasoosi seekhne lage..Saloni ki tarah..waise USA mein bahut se log is forum se..u can ask anyone...)..

--End Of episode...

''Mere saath saath tum chalna mera Hath thaam ke

mushkilon main na tum badalna meri baanh thaam ke

Dhoop main chaaon main waqt ki badalti raahon mein

Naa chordna kabhi mujhe tum koi haalaat thaam ke..''

hum saath saath hain..


Pia is sending the rakhi thru someone, but MB holds her hand and says that you cannot send the rakhis to your brother..all are shocked hearing this..)

Credit Goes to Set_raj
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28th, august, phere, saat, update, written

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