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Default Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan 23rd September 08 Written Update

Recap given

Bharat is distressed and walks away. Divya looks worried. I think I missed a few minutes in the beginning. Bharat tells Aniket that Sindoora will be killed soon. Its time to kill her and trust me no one will get hurt. He tells Aniket to give him ashriwad that nothing goes wrong. Of course, Aniket gives Bharat blessings.

Amar and Divya are in their room. Divya says Amar that we should keep Bharat away because Sindoora is his mother. He feels pain to go against her even though he is doing it voluntarily. Divya tells Amar that we should talk to Bharat and ask him to stay away from this mess. Amar disagrees and says Bharat needs to be in the mission because it will fill up all the pain. Divya in her mind agrees with Amar but says that still Bharat is in a lot of pain because he is going against his own mother.

Sindoora is in her room just lying there. She is sleeping when someone knocks on the door. She gets scared. Its one of the people bringing her food. She asks him who made the food and he answers Divya made it. Aditi comes there and tells her to eat and Sindoora replies that there is poison in it probably because Divya made it. Aditi says there is no poison in the food because Mahua and Chandra just ate the food. Sindoora says then that you bring it, I dont trust this guy. Aditi brings the food in after Bharat nods and tells her to go in. Sindoora makes Aditi eat first to make sure there is no poison in the food. After she sees that nothing happened to Aditi only then she attacks the food, she seems very hungry. She is eating rapidly while Aditi looks on. Sindoora tells Aditi that she must have made it. Sindoora asks Aditi that does she think if Sindoora is mad. Aditi says no. Sindoora says I dont trust anyone except Bharat because he is her own. Sindoora tells Aditi to ont talk to Divya because she will bad mouth me. Then she tells Aditi that she can leave and hwile Aditi walks out Sindoora keeps telling herself that she is not mad.

Aditi comes in her room all sad and with a bruise on her arm from where Sindoora held her. Bharat comes along and asks Aditi what happened? Aditi says that I am scared of her eyes because there is something there that represents what she had seen in Karan's eyes. Bharat says that this is the craziness of power that they shouldnt have. Karan is not in your life now and pretty soon Sindoora wont be in their life either.

Precap: Sindoora says that she will kill Amar and Divya before Navratri because they are the stem of the problem.

creidt- abasra

*** who ever is the written updater for dulhan plz try to update it as soon as the video is up there... thanx

anyone willing to write the updates plz send me a message... also anyone who is willing to help me as a back up archive then contact me...


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