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Default Maayka - 18th September written update

Khurana Mansion:

Veer is waiting for Soni and knowing what's coming up Durga and Jyoti are really happy. Veer is worried about Soni and Khurana Uncle say don't orry she will be here any moment the weather is really bad maybe she got a bit late. Veer asks Jyoti if Soni told her something out where she was going Jyoti says No she didn't I even asked her but she said nothing. Veer says she knew that we had to go too Shabd's house for dinner then why is she so late! Durga says that Soni doesn't know how to handle things! Durga tries to pour oil on the fire.... Veer still defends Soni saying that your wrong Soni knows what she should do maybe there was some importan work. Durga says that Veer is right but she didn't tell us where she went ok leave us but she didn't even think about you tum kitne pareshaan hoge!

!Jeet Enters!

Veer goes to Jeet and says : Jeet-ey tu poora bheeg gaya yaar. Durga says go change your clothes or you will get a cold. urga says now it's too much Soni isn't home yet veer if you were with her it would't be a problem but she is alone it doesn't look good. Veer says he will phone Shabd that they can't come.

!Soni Enters!

Soni is totally wet too. Soni says thereis no need to cancel he dinner I am here. Durga says it's weird now Jeet came and he was wet and now you came nd your totally wet too it looks like you guys were together but how can that be so.... Veer looks at Soni. Durga says maybe it was a coincidence! Veer gets worried and asks where she was. Soni covers up she went to buy a git for MS I am sorry got a bit late. Veer says you did a good job main mama se bhi yeho keh raha tha ke Soni apni saari zimedaari nibhati hai.

Sareen Mansion

Mahi is making a milkshake (Neha is looking really pretty) She gets ice cubesand looks at them Shabd comes down she looks at him both are silent again the Jaan-E-Mann music on background. They remember the Ice-Cube scene. She is still holding the Ice-Cubes (Isn't her hand getting cold?!) Veer and Soni arrive there Mahi open and goeshug them both. Suhaani comes there ( Ok what the hell is she doing there?) Mahi looks at Suhaani and gets dissapointed her smil fades away. Veer asks what you doing here an Mahi says she came here for Office work but she got to know that your here so she wanted to meet you (Ok so she wants to steal Veer too?) Suhaani says I will be the host of today. Veer says you made everything realllllly tasty!Shabd is very lucky. Soni did you notice Mahi is looking sooo good tonight! Veer says today she probably weared Shabd's choice of clothes. Shabd says Haan Bhaiiya but Suhaani interupts saying Veer this isn't Shabd choice it can't be so Shabd's choice is very different!(When to elders are talking low people shouldn't interupt!) Shabd looks at Suhaani angry! Soni says Shabd JIJU why aren't you eating?? Shabd says when Mahi was making food I went to the kitchen and already ate her food. Mahi says yes I tried to stop him. Suhaani interupts saying But Shabd when I came here you were in your room and Mahi was making dinner in the kitchen. When did you eat it then? (Bhanda Phor for the FIRST time she is doing something good!) Shabd says before you came I went to the kitchen.....Shabd asks how is Jeet....Soni looks troubled. He must be angry at you he didn't came at your wedding also. Veer says Yes he is a bit angry but when he knows why this happened he will cool down! Suhaani says maybe he is in love or maybe someone broke his heart. Both Mahi and Soni look sad. Veer says yeah maybe your right but he doesn't want to talk about it. Soni asks how Mahi's honeymoon was Mahi says it was fantastic and Veer says with my Handsome brother everyting would be even better. Veer says to SM seeing your love I feel really happy. Veer says sorry for ruining your honymoon I will organize your next one. Mahi cries and walks away Veer and Soni are shocked.Soni goes after her. Veer asks Shabd why Mahi was crying is everything ok? Shabd said yes everything is aright by your words she got a bit emotional. Soni is in the room with Mahi and asks why Mahi is crying. Mahi says there is nothing. Soni says you hiding something she says ok tumhe mere sarr ki kasamh. Mahi says No Soni you know when we were all together I remembered those who aren't here you remember we were always sitting together we never ate withouth Mummyji and Daddyji but today I know that those days will never come back the love the scolding nothing will come back. Soni says our elders are with us they are not far away from us I can feel them when I am sad they can console me you can feel them too that's why if we get sad they'll be sad too we have to show them that we are really happy. They must be happy that I got Veer as a life partner and their Mahi got aloving life-partner like Shabd. Mahi looks down. Soni says Mahi...Shabd Jiju loves you alot doesn't he? Then come with me don't cry. Mahi says come Jiju will be waiting.

Veer says seeing your love I feel great! Stay happy like this for always. Mahi comes. Veer says I made you cry I am so sorry! Mahi says No Jiju I spend time with Soni and I felt great. Veer says you can come to our house as if it's your Maayka it's your Jiju's home. Shabd says to Mahi did you give the gift to Soni and Veer. Soni says the biggest gift for me is Mahi's happiness. Veer says Soni is right te much your love will grow we will be more happier then you two should be together for always. Veer puts Mahi's hand in Shabd's hand and Suhaani gets angry (Must watch scene) Soni says have to go Veer says Mahi you should come to our house to will you come? Soni says Shabd Jiju pakka le aana Mahi ko. Soni and Veer leave Suhaani leaves also. Mahi says I will leave tomorrow. Shabd just walks away from there
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18th, maayka, september, update, written

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