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Default saat phere - 18th feb written update

Here's today's episode! ENJOY!!!


Temple compound

Urvashi tells Brijesh to stay with her and they can join later. Dheer-Vrinda, Ishaan, Tara and Bhabho leave.

Samar House

Ambika (Ambi) tells Kaveri to get tea and asks Samar who is distressed. Samar informs them there is bad news that Sagar-Vidya are no more. Ambi asks how can this happen and Narpat says that they lived together and died together.


Nahar tells Sal (Saloni) no to run ahead as it will harm her health but Sal tells him why cant she all kids do that. Nahar tells her she can opt for a horse ride but Sal says she is scared of horse it can bite her. Nahar tells her not to worry he is there at which Sal retorts how can it be he doesn’t know horse’s language (lol). Nahar proposes that he will carry her and Sal says does he have the strength, at this Nahar picks her up and carries through.

Dheer, Vri (Vrinda) and Ishaan are together. At a distance Tara tells Bhabho she is afraid but Bhabho tells her to trust Brij (Brijesh}. Tara says she trusts him but not Jiji who can do anything as Bbabho tells her to have faith in Mataji who will bless her and they shd enjoy the mela.

Temple Compound

Brij makes Kakasa sit on a bench when Urv (Urvashi) asks Brij abt the temple significance and why couples take 7 phere there. Brij says Kakasa knows more but Veer says it’s a family ritual for him. Urv then asks Brij to accompany her so that they will ask the pujari. Veer instructs Brij to go.


Sal wants to shoot balloons as Nahar holds to help her but he gets lost into past sweet memories. The song “tujhe dekh-2 jeena…jiya dhadhak is played). Another man comes to shoot when Sal turns and the rifle hits off the man’s cap exposing his baldness. Sal bursts into laughter as Nahar apologizes and takes Sal away.

Tara is discomfited and tells Bhabho she will go bring Brij along.

Temple Compound

Brij, Urv are listening to Pujari who narrates that a man threw out his devoted wife on suspicion. The woman wandered aimlessly and reached the temple where she did hawan and prayed to Ma Bhagwati who pleased with her prayers blessed her. Since then couples come there to seek blessings so that they are bonded for 7 lives. Urv-Brij touch feet as Pujari blesses that may they be bonded for 7 lives. Tara comes and tells him that this woman is not related to him and she is his wife. Tara and Brij leave as Urv is left alone.


Sal sees mirror maze tent and goes inside she enjoys and comes out to drag Nahar in.

Outside the whole Singh parivar is going when Ishaan then sees Mirror maze and insists on going there. Veer tells Urv to take him. Both proceed there.

Nahar sees Sal clapping, elated & making faces. He tells her to stay there as he will get a photographer ( well he has a mobile, use that ). Nahar goes out from exit2 as Urv-Ishaan enter from exit1. Sal is busy enjoying as behd her Urv-Ishaan are there. Nahar comes and is shocked to see Urv, he picks a stone and throws at one of the mirror. Seeing it broken the owner sends off everyone. Urv-Ishaan too leave and Nahar takes Sal out. He then peeps to see the whole family. He then tells Sal that lets eat something and swiftly takes her ahead.

Nishi house

Nishi is happy to see Neerav who has brought a bouquet for NS anniv but is disappointed to know that Nahar took Sal to Mela. But is happy is know that Sal listens to Nahar.


Nahar is trying to hide from the parivar.

Nishi House

Nishi tells Neerav (Neel) that it wld be nice if he cld take some time out for his fiancée at which Neerav gifts her earrings.


Sal wants to go for a ride but Nahar is stopping her. Just then Neel calls to wish him at which Nahar informs him that the whole Singh parivar is there. After the call he sees Sal is not there. He starts to call out ( forgets the whole parivar is there!). Sal is near the giant wheel & wants to have a ride as Nahar refuses.

Nishi House

Neel tells Nishi that he better reach the mela and bring Sal as whole parivar is there.


Nahar tells her that he has fulfilled all she said and now she must agree to him. Sal says she will if he gets balloons for her and Nahar goes to buy. Sal takes out money and runs to the giant wheel.

Dheer tells Ishaan to have a ride in Giant wheel but Ishaan says he wont go becoz he is missing supermami who had last taken him there. Vri tells him he considers her mother so will go with him. Both go to buy tickets.

Sal quickly buys ticket and is excited to have ride. She sits in the giant wheel. Nahar is worried and looking for reaches there. Sal sees her and throws the paper chakri at him. Sal gestures & says he shd come up and that its fun. Nahar is worried to see her there.

TOM: Urv and Brij are sitting together in the giant wheel and she remarks that its nice to be together and they are made for each other!!

Credit: realitybites
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