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Default 11th june 08 written update

The episode started with abhi keeping the gun on sameera’s forehead and pressing the trigger , but there were no bullets inside the revolver so nothing happens . aftab is happy and says that now he knows that abhi hates his country and his hawks members also . sameera is fully shocked

Then samrat is shown , he calls up at the terrorist camp to ask whether hyder has come or not and his man replies that hyder has reched the camp safe and sound and farhan is relieved . then the man tells him about how abhi has come on their side now . samrat tells him that he must be acting as he is very clever but the man tells that he was even ready to kill sameera but samrat still is doubtful of abhi

Then samrat comes in the terrorist camp to meet his dad , on seeing him he gets very sentimental and both son and dad embrace each other . then hyder tells his son that he wanted him to focus on their most important mission now but for some time samrat has to handle both the tasks of being an iaf officer as well as a terrorist and then he can quit from hawks . then samrat askes about their mission and hyder tells him about how he had stolen uranium from the dm office and how their main motive is to make the bomb and destroy the whole country . but samrat tells his dad that the army and hawks have made some special arrangements through which they can not only find out abt the location were the bomb has planted but also diffuse it and only veer and abhi know abt this plan . then one of the terrorist guy suggests that now as abhi has joined hands with them so they can easily find abt this special plan too and hyder and jahhan agree . hyder then tells that he has one more idea thry which they can know wheter abhi is actually with them or not

Then abhi is shown with sam , abhi goes with a plate of food to sam but sam refuses to eat it and turns her face away . abhi then tells her that he knows that she is very angry him but she has the right to be angry also . sameera tells him that she trusts and knows that this all is his plan . and even the pistol was empty and abhi knew coz a trained officer from the weight of the pistol can find it but she is very angry with him as he was speking against his country , whom he loves a lot . abhi then shouts at her and says that he does not love this country any more and that he is not acting . he tells her about how his house was burnt and about his mom being in hospital and that he hates this country a lot now . sameera is shocked to hear all this . meanwhile hyder and jahaan are standing at a distance and hearing all this . hyder then goes and tells abhi that they are meeting for a second time now . and he askes abhi whether he is with them and abhi says yes and both of them embrace each other . then hyder askes him to give him the plan which only he and veer knows abt and abhi agrees to give it . but sameera tells abhi not to give the plan literally pleading with him but abhi does not listen and goes

Now both dad and son are very happy as they have got the security plan and now samrat says that he will tell veer sir that abhi has disclosed the plan inorder to strengthen his postion in hawks .

Then veer sir is shown . he goes to his cupboard and takes out a private document the the same one in which the name of the traitor and evidences are there . and veer says that now this file so important as it has the name of the traitor and he should transfer it to the locker room

Then samrat is shown , he has got the locker no in wich the security plan given by abhi is there and he goes inside the locker room to take it . he opens the locker and takes out the document but he hears foot steps and gets scared and tries to hide . an officer comes to take some file , while samrat is hiding in the corner. Soon samrat manages to run away from there . and episode ends

Precap – abhi is dressed like a terrorist and goes to see sameera who is shocked to see him like this . and abhi tells sameera to be quiet probably to help her escape from there
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11th, june, update, written

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