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Default Re: Wat is Het Liedje voor jou op dit moment?

Cordelia- Boris

So you're eager to fly on a silver wing
Come break of day and you slided on a silver wing
It was high over housetops and the chimneys of this town
You made your getaway, and you never looked down

I mean so much failed and you counted on a silver wing
Come break of day and you slided on a silver wing
There was no time for eulogies
There was no time for song
They came 'round looking and you were already gone

But I love you Cordelia tell the world I do
There ain't nobody like me gonna see you through
They'll be blinding you Cordelia, trying to get you in a sway
But I'm watching you every step of the way

And the poets in the valley, they shake their heads
They're scribbling on their tablets, but their words can't be read
When the morning sun climbs the hilltop
It's so damn easy to see
Some things must remain unsaid, wrapped in mystery


So bring me my arrow, you go and get my bow
I've got business to tend to, I can't stand to see you go
They'll be talking 'bout you Cordelia, every once in a while
And it stirs me up like the first time
Though I wish I could deny

Chorus (Repeat)
tum chupaao laakh hamse
Hide a hundred thousand things from me
phir bhi sab kuch hamne jaana
I still know everything
har zubaan pe aayega kal
On every tongue tomorrow
ham donon ka yeh afsaana
will be the tale of our romance
pyaar hamko hone lagaa
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