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Watching his step Rahil Azam
Watching his step

Rahil Azam

Rahil Azam is one of the most watched actors of tellydom. The success of his serial ĎHatimí sums up the popularity of this small screen actor. And more so with his female fans.

Currently seen as Swayam in Babul Ka Aangan the actor has again won the hearts of many. The lover boy who plays a very challenging role in the show pours his heart as he talks about his work and his love life play a split personality in BabulÖHow interesting is it?

Well it is something different and amazing. Initially I refused to take the show as I was not sure about such a role. After a month they approached me again and this time I went through the script and loved it. The best part of my character was the blend of Hindi and Urdu.

It is a role of sophisticated tawayaf and a big challenge. I was advised to handle very carefully or else it would look a eunuch. For this I just requested my director to not dub my voice and I tried to maintain the balance and do justice to this character.

Did you research for this role?

No as I did not have much time. Before approaching a scene I used to visualise that episode and then give my 100% to it. I would keep rehearsing till the time I would get it right. I really liked the character.

Any lessons that you learned?

There was guilt in my eyes before playing the role of the tawayaf because of the way I used to think about them like any normal person. But then I realised that there could be a reason behind it all and at the end of the day they are also human like us. What they are today and whyÖ will always remain a question but after this I have generated respected for them.

Your love track on screen has been appreciated but what about your off-screen love life?

Well currently Iím very much single. Iíll definitely go out of the way to charm my lady love and will love her very much. For now there is only me and my thoughts and nobody else. When I fall in love I will let everyone know about it.

How is your equation with your co-stars?

Most of them especially the leading pair are new comers. Iím learning and enjoying myself with them. There are also senior actors and Iím learning many things from them too. I really feel happy to be part of such a good project.

Is it by choice to do one show at a time or is there not enough work?

This is by choice of course. I feel Iím lucky to get so much of coverage on television. As all of you know that television is women oriented and to get your own space is difficult but somehow I have managed to. Three shows as a lead is a big thing and it happened because I was patient. Every time I do a serial my character is very different from what I have played before and thus want to give my hundred percent to it.

Are you looking at Hindi films?

For now definitely no. Iím concentrating on television. I still feel that I need to get my place in television and only after that Iíll climb the ladder to films. For now Iím watching my step as later on I donít want to regret and then come back to television if my filmy career does not take off.

What is your dream role?

Well there is nothing as dream role but yes Iím very much keen on trying my hand at comedy. I would love to take part in Comedy Circus and many such shows. Creating situations and then enacting those scenes is fun. There are very few people who know that I can be funny at times

Did you know?

Rahil came to Mumbai to become a software engineer

He is a total mama's boy and will marry a girl of his mother's choice

Rahil favourite small screen actors are Smriti Z Iraani and Shweta Tiwari.

He doesnít mind doing saas bahu soaps

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