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Default A&R prem kahani part 6

A&R Prem Kahani part 6

Armaan reaches Banglore but does not know where 2 start. Where could they be Banglore is a big city and outside of banglore there are some villages. He decides to start with all the hotels.

He reaches a hotel near the Sanjeevani in Banglore.

Manager: How may I help you

Armaan: yaha Riddhima ayi thi? The manager gives him a weird look. Armaan was so eager 2 find Ridz he had forgotter that nobody knew her in banglore!!

Armaan: Im sorry, kya yaha ek doctors ki team ayi thi??

Manager: Ji ha lekin un hone bas 10 minute pehle hi check-out kiya

Armaan: Damn it!!! So he decides to look at a different hotel. But he cannot find Riddhima. He gets some information from a couple of the Sanjeevani doctors that they are in a nearby village by the beach, but Armaan had 2 go find it. He looks for her day and night. He tried calling her cell but it was always out of reach. It had been two weeks since he had seen Riddhima. Finally he had reached the Village and he was sure they were there.

Armaan: kya yaha ek doctors ki team???

Villager: doctor? Ha ha lekin vo ab dusre gao gaye hai

Armaan? Konse gao mein?

Villager: vo yaha kinare pe hi……..thees kilometer( 30) door gao hai.

Armaan does not even stay 2 say bye to the villagers and takes his car that he had rented and sets off. But by the villages the roads are bumpy this caused a flat tire! Now Armaan couldn’t get a hold of any1 where there is a jungle sort of an area. So he walked…….he walked and walked until he reached the beach. He didn’t know whether this was the village or not but he didn’t have the strength to move anymore. He hadn’t ate anything in the longest time and he had run out of water. Our Armaan was sick. Still he came up with all the strength he had left and kept walking.

Just then he fell to the ground. He picked up the sand and it slowly slipped out of his hands. He wrote Riddhima in the Sand and looked up 2 god.

Armaan: kyun, mere saath hi aisa kyun hot hai Humesha jis kisi sai bhi mene pyaar kiya…….pehle dadi, phir Mom aur ab……..meri Riddhima, meri zindagi…..jis insaan ne mujhe jina keliye ek vaja di…..jis ladki sai maine behat mohobbat ki. Please mujhe usse milado plz……… then armaan went inside the water and fell 2 his knees………just then he felt a wind……..he knew she was near him…….He heard a girl screaming he looked all over and He saw her. Riddhima was screaming for her life she had fallen off a boat…….struggling 2 save her life. ARmaan swam 2 her quickly and brought her outside. She looked fine.

Armaan: (he can hardly speak) riddhima……meri jaan thik hai na? and he looks into her eyes

Ridz: main thik hu, par armaan tum

ARmaan stops her from saying anything he touches her soft skin on her cheeks and he faints.

Ridz: Armaan, Armaan!!.......Riddhima is crying a lot she doesn’t know what 2 do. But a nice couple on the beach helped her 2 a nearby shed. Riddhima checked Armaan’s pulse and it was normal but she realized that he had a really high fever. So Riddhima goes outside and gets water. She soaks her dupatta with water and presses it gentley against Armaan’s head. She continuosly does this throughout the whole day. And Now it was dark.

As Riddhima notices that armaan has still not gained conciousness she gets really worried.

She builds a fire… and remembers the time when they were stuck in the jungle when they absolutely “thot” they hated each other. She now was confused and reli wasn’t thinking that much about whether they would ever be in a relationship again…..she still thot they weren’t right for each other but All she knew right now was that she LOVed ARmaan and would never be able 2 live if anything happened 2 him……not caring about if they were friendz or if she ever was gonna confess. She gently picked up Armaan’s head and put it on her lap. She continued 2 press her dupatta against his forhead till midnight and finally ARmaan slowly opened his eyes.


Srry guyz I no it’s a cliff hanger but I will post the next part real quick I already started on it!!!!!!!

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