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Default Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na - 21 January Writtern Update

A--Astha , S--Shilpa , V--Vinay , C--Chayya

* episode begins with the mother coming in to the house and yelling hurry up the guests might be coming, and then they show the father coming eith cusions and putting the covers on them and then he throws them on the couch and calls S and tells her to do it

* then they show C coming on a weelchair and the mother asks her if she has finished cutting the potatoes

* S is sitting on the couch putting nail polish instead of her putting the covers and next to her C is sitting cutting the potatoes and she tells her dad who on purposely loudly says S you are putting nail polish

* the mother comes hearing that and so S hides it quickly, and the mother yells at her a bit, when the mother notices that the curtains have a hole in them and she argues with her husband, so the husband jokes around calling god and saying please send new curtains and make me rich

* the mother tells the S to call A

* then they show this girl on the bike riding and buying stuff

* then the father notices that the carpet is folded under the table so he goes to fix it and gets pain so the wife comes and ask him if he ate his medicines and he say he didn't cuz they were finished

* the father goes into his V room, where V is filling out a form, so the father asks him if he brought the medicine V says he forgot and will buy later then the father checks what V was doing but he couldn't see the paper cuz he wasn't wearing his glases so V tells him a lie that they are loan papers for A's marriage

* then the father goes to seenk out some food nut the wife yells at him cuz he picked the wrong thing and tells him to wear his glasses, but he says they broke so V brings in his glasses fixed but they break again

* outside they show a girl coming she preays and then goes in to the house and calls papa, but he can't see so she gives him his new glasses and then they reveal the girl as A (she look adorable).

* then finds out that a boy is coming to see her

* the guest arrive and the let A and Dhruv(the guy) talk and they become friends

* next morning A comes and put her file on the sofa and so does V ( the files are same) so A, S, and dad leave together and A takes V's file so whenV checks he is shocked to see A took his file so he goes to her work place

* at the work place A is talking to her friend about Dhruv and asks about her presentation so she gives it and when her friend checks then she tells A that these are papers for american immmigration papers and A is shocked to see it's V and V sees her looking so he tells her how he does not want to stay here and be a middle class and takes the file and leaves, and A is shocked and remembers flashbacks of her parents telling her that after all 3 daughters leave V will tek care of them, and it ends on her sad face.

The End

credit rani
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