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Default 4th november written update!!!

RECAP- SaJan's party scenes and Nupur's scenes at Mayank's house

Gunjan asks Samrat what she has to do as there's absolutely nothing there... no rangoli, no diyas, no pooja... Samrat says that's exactly why he called her there. He puts her in charge of rangoli and the pooja, so Gunjan feels a little better.

Nupur and Aunty are having a grand old time joking and talking with each other. Mayank comes in with tea wearing a blue sherwani Aunty leaves the two alone for some time... awkward silence... Mayank asks Nupur why she's suddenly so quiet. Nupur fumbles around a little and finally ends up saying that he looks good. Mayank says that he already knows that so tell him something new. Nupur says he doesn't look so bad as he used to before, and he says that she looks like an actress. Nupur gets all bubbly again and says that Gunjan said the same thing, and which actress does she look like? Mayank bursts out laughing and leaves.

Gunjan is super nervous to ask a group of girls for help, but she works up the courage somehow and asks for help. They are really nice about it and agree to help her, and they also compliment her on her dress. Samrat watches and is impressed with Gunjan's progress.

The girls are all doing rangoli and having fun, but the rest leave when Samrat comes. He says that it's nice, but it would be better if there was more red. Gunjan tells him to put some red. He gets closer and closer to her asking if he should put red. Gunjan is now super nervous and is just like yeah... ok... put red... He gets closer and closer and closer and puts red on her nose! Gunjan is shocked and Samrat says look I put it... very cute wind-blowing staring moment... Samrat then comes back and says she's a good friend and thanks her for trusting him.

Mayank and his mom are having fun watching Nupur enjoy herself dipping biscuits in the tea... She says that her grandma says that dipping biscuits in the tea makes the tea so much better. Mayank makes a snide comment and the two start arguing. Aunty says hey, are you trying to start a boxing match or something? Both Mayank and Nupur say at the same time that CJ says the same thing... lolzzz Everyone bursts out laughing. Aunty says that Mayank makes good food, and the two explain their cooking schedule... but Sunday is free. Mayank says that Nupur can make the food. But then Nupur says that Gunjan makes great food... Aunty makes a joking comment about the little sister doing all the work and Nupur taking the praise. Nupur starts feeling bad again...

Samrat tells Gunjan to get ready for the real test. A big, burly guys comes in and asks if he can help. Gunjan is really scared (gosh, I'd be too!) and looks here and there and finally looks at Samrat desperately. Samrat makes a little signal to not go anywhere and to say something. Gunjan finally works up the courage to tell him to put up the garlands by the door. The man agrees and walks away with the garlands. Samrat gives her a little impressed look. The guy comes back and asks if he can help, Gunjan says no... but then she remembers something and calls out "lambe wale bhaiyya!" (LOLLZLZZZZZZZZZZ) She tells him to put the table and chairs outside, and he agrees.

Samrat gets all the guys to help with putting the stuff outside, and Gunjan is about to lift a chair when Samrat puts his hand on hers. Samrat gives her a little questioning look about why she's looking so scared... staaaring moment... super cute...


Nupur helps Aunty make rangoli. Aunty says to add another point about how women in serials are always shown so stereotypically... in the kitchen... wearing kanjivaram saris... Aunty and Nupur agree strongly with each other about how the heroine has too many makeup and the negative characters dress so scantily. Nupur gets into a heated rant about stereotypical heroines... Mayank gets an idea from this and says they should look at each point from two perspectives- big city people and small city people.

Aunty goes on to tease the two about how their ideas coincide... etc... etc...

Samrat comes down in his dark suit, and he catches lots of people's eyes... but he has eyes only for Gunjan. He wishes her Happy Diwali, and she wishes him back. He turns his back and Gunjan is about to say something, but she steps back again. He laughs a little and says that if she wants to say something to him then she can. Gunjan asks how he knew that she wanted to say something, and Samrat says that he saw it in her eyes... goes on to say that eyes are like open books, the only types of books he's interested in. He lowers her glasses and says that he only reads eyes, and then asks her what she wanted to say. Gunjan stammers a bit and says his clothes are so strange, and he should wear Indian clothes. Samrat bows and does a little your wish my command thing... smiling moment... eye staring moment... and he leaves.


Aunty compliments Nupur's good, moral, strong thinking... Nupur feeling guilty again...

Samrat comes back down wearing a black sherwani and matching black scarf. Everybody is just like WOWWWWWWWW... When he passes by Gunjan he does a little Salman-style scarf flipping around neck thing and goes by, smiling... Gunjan smiling back shyly...



Everyone (including Mayank and Nupur.. Samrat is paired with Dia) dancing to Salaam-e from Dhoom... except for Gunjan. She is watching shyly from behind a column, and every once and a while Samrat is catching her eye.

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4th, november, update, written

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