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Default Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - 20th August written update

Vidya is in the room crying because no one believes her, and she has no way of saving Saagar. Saagar walks in and sees her, then consoles her. He tells her that he understands that she is upset about the Sindoora incident.

He tells her to get up, and not to cry, as he is no longer upset with her. He tells her that he is going to office. Vidya grabs his hand and kisses it, scared for Saagar's life. Saagar is confused, and he tells not to worry he is not going away for ever. Vidya chides him not to ever say that even in joking, and hugs him. Then she apologizes, and pulls away. Saagar leaves.

Sindoora tells she is coming on the phone, and Aniket hearing it thinks that there is definitely some trouble. He follows Sindoora who gets the pictures from the thugs. One of the pictures flies off and reaches Aniket. He sees it and thinks that Vidya was right, and Saagar is in danger. He goes back to his car, and tries to reach his cellphone.

At home Saagar comes down ready for the puja, and asks Sindoora if it is okay if Vidya comes along. Vidya thinks that she will follow Saagar like his shadow so that Sindoora can't attemt anything. Sindoora agrees and thinks that she was already expecting Vidya to come along, and that she has already planned for it ahead of time.

Vidya takes blessing from Maaji, and Maaji asks to bring the prasad from the earlier pooja. Sindoora is extra nice to Vidya, and leaves. Chinu wonders that Sindoora is being so nice, and wonders if Vidya was wrong. Sindoora brings the plate of prasad, and gives Saagar, and then hands one to Vidya who takes and eats a little.

Sindoora then asks Vidya if she took sindoor. Vidya goes to fetch the sindoor and loses consciousness as she realizes that Sindoora must have put something in it.

Saagar below wonders what's wrong, and Sindoora goes to check. She sees Vidya fallen and smiles to herself and then makes a call saying that the work at home is done. Now they can move to the next plan. She takes the house keys.

Downstairs Saagar says he'll go get the car, and phone rings and it is Aniket. Saagar's face get's tensed.

Saagar questions Aniket why he sounds so tensed. Aniket is on the phone telling that he needs to say something, and to stay home till he gets there. Saagar doesn't understand and can't hear clearly as Aniket is calling from PCO. Aniket tries to tell Saagar that Vidya was right bt the time runs out.

Saagar thinks that Aniket sounded worried, and they will not go to the pooja. Aniket calls again and Sindoora takes the phone. She talks on the phone, and Aniket realizes that she is upto something and tells her that he would like to come too. Sindoora hangs up, and tells Saagar not to worry.

She says that she will come with Aniket and he should go ahead. Maaji tells him to go with Vidya, but Sindoora said that Vidya refused to go. Saagar is confused and says that Vidya insisted, but Sindoora convinces him that Vidya changed her mind. Saagar is ready to leave, and Vidya gets consciousness slowly.

Sindoora tells him to go carefully, and Vidya gets up and sees her scattered sindoor, as Saagar leaves the house.

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Courtesy: Wafah

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