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Default Saath Phere 28th JULY Written Update

At the hospital:

Saloni asks bhabbho where her kid is... and how she is...

Bhabbho doesnt know how to reply... Then Saloni asks Bhabbho whthr it is a boy or girl. She tells her about the bet between Nahar n herself.

Bhabbho couldnt tell the truth to Saloni... she tells her that her baby is fine,

Saloni eagerly asks Bhabbho to show her the baby... and once again asks her about the sex of the baby.

Bhabbho lies to Saloni that the baby is kept in a diffrnt room becoz it is a premature delivery. She then tell her that she has a girl.

Saloni is happy to know that Nahar's wish is fulfilled. She asks Bhabbho many questions about the baby...asks where Nahar is... She thinks that he is distributing sweets to everybody in the hospital.

Bhabbho couldn't face Saloni anymore... leaves the room and goes outside.

Nahar n all others ask her how Saloni is. Bhabbho tells them that she regained her consciousness... then tells them she couldn't tell her the truth. She tells them what all she told Saloni.

Nahar goes to Saloni along with all other members.

Saloni asks them why she cannot see the baby... she tells them that she is dying to see her daughter.

Nahar tells her that she is kept in a incubator... and doctors asked them not to bring her to the room to avoid any infections.

Saloni still insists to see the baby... somehow they all make her calm.

Kalika tells Saloni that her daughter is fine... and she is cute. in her mind she thinks ..that she cannot wait to disclose the happy news to Saloni about her losing the baby... and losing all the chances to conceive again. But she thinks that she is helpless...she has to wait some more time to disclose the news.

Brijesh says they all have to leave the hospital that Saloni can get some rest as doctor suggested.

Saloni asks Tara whthr Adviteeya is ok. Tara tells her that he is absolutely fine... she thanks Saloni for risking her life to save her son.

All the family members leave the room except Nahar, Bhabbho n Ambi.

Saloni stops her mom and requests her to understand her eagerness to see her baby...

At night:

Saloni gets up from sleep hearing a crying baby... She sees Nahar is sitting beside her bed and sleeping...bhabbho is sleeping in the sofa... She slowly gets up from bed...and gets out of her room.

Ambi is sitting just outside the room... but sleeping.

Saloni decides to go to the room where her daughter is kept.

As she is about to go inside the room... she hears two nurses talking to each other.

They are discussing about Brijesh's family... how their ghar ka bahu has delivered a dead baby... One of the nurses expresses her sadness...she she felt very bad when she heard that the bahu can never have kids again.

Saloni is shocked... She completely gets shattered...couldn't belive her ears....

She walks away from the children if she is in a trance... She suddenly sees a dream sort of situation.. in that she sees a girl in a white dress... calling her mamma..the lil girl says..that she is going far away to Maataji maharaj..but she wants to stay with her mamma....Saloni asks her not to go... but the kid says that she is helpless...and she disappears.

Saloni suddenly comes out of the dream... she keeps calling her daughter..and goes behind her...

Nahar wakes up...and finds Saloni missing from the room. He gets terrified.. he wakes up Bhabbho , Ambi..they all start searching for Saloni.

Bhabbo asks Nahar to go and check in children's ward... but she is not there.

All of them are searching for Saloni... and they are terribly worried..


Missed this part...becoz of power failure.... don't worry I am adding it pams.

Nahar comes rushing with brij and tara home and asks dheer if he has seen saloni or something. Dheer says yes. Nahar ask shocked bhabho. bhabho tell me plz. Bhabho keeping sad sjocked face says come with me.

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